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Christianity, Mercy, War, and the Bush Gang

"Military historian: 'the most foolish war' in over 2000 years"

"A withdrawal probably will require several months and incur a sizable number of casualties. As the pullout proceeds, Iraq almost certainly will sink into an all-out civil war from which it will take the country a long time to emerge — if, indeed, it can do so at all. All this is inevitable and will take place whether George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice like it or not."

“And who are these people throwing stones? Are they really without error or sin? What are these laws they propose that would remove a persons right to choose? That would remove the choices that allow us to have morality? Do they not see that if they can not choose they can not be moral? Who are these people who have forgotten that Christians were outlawed by the Roman Empire? That Protestants were outlawed by the Catholic Church? That the founders of this country could not freely choose their own fait…