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From Phnom Penh to Islamabad by William Pfaff --

From Phnom Penh to Islamabad by William Pfaff -- "Last September, during the American presidential campaign, I wrote a column declaring that the United States had again invaded Cambodia, only this time 'Cambodia' was Pakistan. President George W. Bush had ordered U.S. ground attacks on the Taliban inside Pakistan’s Tribal Territories, without Pakistan’s authorization.

That was also when Barack Obama’s foreign policy campaign platform was promising withdrawal from Iraq and military emphasis on Afghanistan and Pakistan, location of the 'real' problem in the great war on terror.

A younger generation than mine, including senior military officers (not to speak of Barack Obama), may not know exactly why the United States and the South Vietnamese army invaded Cambodia in 1970, and what the result was. The invasion was a failure, and the result a humanitarian catastrophe."