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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rightwing Smearers of Obama Don't know a School from a Madrasa
Very few Americans can dispel that kind of rumor but few listeners can be found. Who ever heard of Juan Cole? Americans don’t like experts. They have ugly tradition of blaming one religion, hating because one has darker skin or supporting their leaders knowing they are committing ugly crimes. Barack Obama lived few years in Indonesia predominantly a Muslim country and went to school there, Obama’s attending a school (Madrasa in Arabic) in a foreign country was a ground for white people to dismiss him as a legitimate American who could run for the presidency! America is way, way behind this kind of stuff: first they said his middle name (Hussein) might discourage people from voting for him now this. To be a friend of a Whiteman will cause you nothing but pain. But on the other hand being critical of the criminality of the establishment of the United State of America and how it came about will fre…
When corrupt PLO led occupied Palestine, Hamas never wage a war against PLO and Fattah. Now Hamas won the election and the premiership a year ago; Fattah waging an open war against the legitimate government elected to lead the occupied nation through tough struggle. The worst thing is Fattah now accepting money and weapons from the enemies of Palestinians to take back the power by force which it has lost through the ballot box.
After terrorizing the Sunni population and participating in America’s terror against Iraqi Sunni population and the resistance forces, Moqtada is now capitulating to Americans. My feeling is that the terrorist occupiers sending more troops to go after the resistance more so than before and his self declaration to disarm the Mahdi Army without confronting the terrorist occupiers which have been fighting its’ dirty war will not go after the Mahdi Militia or any anti resistance groups. Moqtada and other terrorists are making a big mistake intensifying the killings and expulsion of the Sunni population which is the sole resistance movement in Iraq. While the resistance is making in roads to make sure the rapists wouldn’t get that cheap oil they were craving, Moqtada and his terrorist army abducts, torture and kill any Sunni they can get their hands on. Moqtada ragtag army lost twice in 2004 to American forces. Knowing his powerbase will be destroyed completely if he resists the rapists, …