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ONE out of two Australian non-Muslim school students regard Muslims as terrorists

Juan Cole's misplaced assessments.

“The Iranian public does not feel itself under neocolonial domination, and many Iranian young people are not interested in Islam, since it has become associated in their minds with a hopelessly fuddy-duddy mulla-dominated Establishment.”
Wrong. This has nothing to do with lost interest in Islam at all. If there was an interest to protest the Danish and others who reprinted these stupid cartoons about the messenger of God, there are many young and old people who could have done that. In fact if Juan Cole tried hard, he would know Iranians are under pressure from western countries related to nuclear technology which would have given them to show up and protest, they haven’t done it because they don’t see any benefit doing it. This includes all sectors of the society including the conservatives and the liberals; the young and the old; men and women alike. So Juan Cole wasn’t on the mark on this.

“Moreover, most Muslims live in societies with strong traditions of state censorship, so th…