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First there is Ethiopia. This nation, which is second only to Nigeria in African population, is landlocked. This frustrates its economic growth as its exports leave the nation mostly via air, which is extremely expensive, or via road which is very dangerous and unreliable. Ethiopia wants a seaport and has fought its neighbor Eritrea throughout the decades trying to seize the beautiful seaport capital of Asmara. The Eritreans have proven themselves to be fierce fighters and have resisted every attempt, with the last conflict ending in 2000. Lately, Ethiopia has turned its attention to war-torn Somalia which has a very attractive and extensive coastline on the Horn of Africa, viewing sea lanes to and from the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.

Israel's Dark Future

by Jonathan Cook

Recent polls also reveal how fashionable racism has become in Israel. A survey conducted last year showed that 68 per cent of Israeli Jews do not want to live next to a Palestinian citizen (and rarely have to, as segregation is largely enforced by the authorities), and 46 per cent would not want an Arab to visit their home. For more go there