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Showing posts from February 7, 2006

Regarding the insult on Muslims and its reaction.

My answer to Sam Harris.
Depicting Muhammad and his followers in cartoon as terrorists; punishing Muslims for what Osama did throughout white man’s domain; invasion of Iraq for cheap oil; killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent followers of Muhammad (in Iraq) by Muslim haters (white man); the condemnation of Muslims for standing up to the criminal leaders of Zionist racist Israel (for keeping Palestinian’s dream alive to live in their own country independently); white man’s support of Muslim dictators and despots for its own selfish reason’s; not accepting elections that produce Islamic leaning parties; double speaks and hypocrisies; harassment of Muslims where white man is dominant are all related. Your assault on Muslims will not make Muslims to crawl under the bed nor make them accept you as a master of the world, for Muslims there is only one master in heavens and earth: God. You talk about suicide bombings? Who is doing that? Suicide bombing is a new phenomenon in Islam…