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Regarding the insult on Muslims and its reaction.

My answer to Sam Harris.
Depicting Muhammad and his followers in cartoon as terrorists; punishing Muslims for what Osama did throughout white man’s domain; invasion of Iraq for cheap oil; killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent followers of Muhammad (in Iraq) by Muslim haters (white man); the condemnation of Muslims for standing up to the criminal leaders of Zionist racist Israel (for keeping Palestinian’s dream alive to live in their own country independently); white man’s support of Muslim dictators and despots for its own selfish reason’s; not accepting elections that produce Islamic leaning parties; double speaks and hypocrisies; harassment of Muslims where white man is dominant are all related. Your assault on Muslims will not make Muslims to crawl under the bed nor make them accept you as a master of the world, for Muslims there is only one master in heavens and earth: God. You talk about suicide bombings? Who is doing that? Suicide bombing is a new phenomenon in Islamic world; it is created by white man’s invasion of Iraq and by the Zionist occupation of Palestine! Muslims opposed to killings of any type, by any groups or countries except to defend one’s country and livelihood, there is no different between suicide bombings that takes tens of lives and five hundred pound bomb that take tens of lives. Both methods take away lives and are both deployed to terrorize, kill and maim! Muslims condemned all those things including rape, sodomy, torture, razing of cities to the ground, the use of chemical weapon all in Iraq! Denmark participated in this rape and pillage as partner in crime where white man started. Tell me how you jump on the Iranian leader when he questions the holocaust? Even though he was wrong I am convinced your leaders did worst than that. Didn’t they? Look around, Muslims are one’s that are the victims, yet we are the bad guys? Are journalists ok to insult Islam and Muslims but not the Zionist racist? Why would that be anti Semitic when criticizing or depicting their leaders but not Islamophobic when the whole religion the messenger and the followers insulted? What is next? Another white man’s killing spree to wipeout Muslims? That is why you are worming-up in Iraq? Is it a tip of the iceberg? You talk about civilization? Are you forgetting a white man civilization caused the death of hundreds of millions people in the pat century alone? Are you forgetting you are the greatest murderer on earth? Talking about civilization? Are you talking about pornography that your kids are watching on TV? Or play it on video games? That you are lying to you kids that Osama is a Muslim leader and he is like Muhammad? You keep yourself in a dark but Muslims know your treachery. The bad guys in Islamic world are people like Osama and Zarqawi and their opportunistic and their ignorant followers (hundreds or a few thousands), but in white man’s world your leaders are spending billions for killing machines in ever more sophisticated weapons destroying livelihood wherever you set your feet on. Cutting education budget and taking away from healthcare to killing machines that couldn’t defeat al-Anbar fighters in Iraq shows white man’s failure and utter defeat of your hypocritical analysis of how things are. You can draw cartoons all you want to, you can agitate your population, get them ready for killings, but at the end you will fail. Hatred will be defeated even if it is wrapped up and disguised in freedom of speech.


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