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My answer to abc's NIGHTLINE

Terry Moran, I have watched your program that you are reporting from Baquba area where resistance forces battling American invaders and their Iraqi military trainees who are torturing and killing Sunni Arabs simply because they are fighting to free their land as ordained by international law from invaders. I am surprised but not shocked when you call resistance forces “bad guys and Islamic terrorists” in fact you know who was terrorized by 500 lb. bombs, missiles, airplanes, from ship and many more delivery system. You know the use of phosphorous that burn to the bone; and destruction of cities including Fallujah. Now you say to people whose country is getting raped bad guys? All these people who are blowing Shiite Masjids are bad guys but who are they? You or I have no answers. You need to stand up for the truth because you are reporter, you need to help humanity by reporting the truth, but if you get paid by pentagon or Whitehouse, then there is no point of what I said. For propaga…