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iraqi election and

What the Sunnis want is very clear: more power. But that power has to be envisioned and acquired thru the ballot box. The democratic process started because of two reasons: one reason is the resistance of Iraqis who are predominantly Sunni Arabs; and the second reason is the insistence of Ali Sistani who is the grand Hayat-Allah of Shiites who said that a directly elected body of government by Iraqi population has to take place instead of a puppet government assigned by the U.S. so, both the Shiites and Sunnis contributed for what is going on in Iraq. The armed resistance against the occupation and the election which made it possible; are a combination of one two punch that the Iraqi’s able to use as the fruit of their sacrifice note a given as invaders would like the world to believe.
Aside the resistance forces who are diverse in nature (mostly Jihadis and nationalists) there are other groups waiting the result of the December 15, 2005 election without resorting to resistance. The D…