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Showing posts from April 29, 2007
A few minutes ago I was watching George Tenet on CBS 60 MINUTES. That guy is basically a human scum. He presided over the largest torture chambers established by his government; he transferred people to get tortured by friends of the U.S; he presided over giving and receiving lies of information about Iraq’s WMD (all that chemical and biological weapon garbage). Yet he comes and says the National Intelligent Estimate he presented over was the best thing he could do to implicate Saddam and clear the way for invasion. (That estimate before the war invented LIES, LIES AND LIES) you think the scum would regret for his participation in a rape of Iraq? No! the garbage man as he is, he couldn’t even capture or kill Osama and his murderous bunches after they slaughter more than 200 hundred innocent people in East African bombs (in Kenya and Tanzania) in 1998 way before 2001 attack by the terrorist group! Tenet was the director then! He has been described [Osama]by the White House as "the… » Blog Archive » Dubya vs Seung-Hui Cho. Who’s the Greater Menace? » Blog Archive » Dubya vs Seung-Hui Cho. Who’s the Greater Menace?Officials in Virginia are taking heavy flak for their failure to act on early warnings that South Korean Seung-Hui Cho, who massacred 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech, was a seriously disturbed menace to his community

How then to judge the United States Congress which continues to ignore overwhelming evidence that George W. Bush is an infinitely greater threat to his countrymen; indeed to the entire globe.