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War against Muslims

Just recently, as I was listening to my car radio, a CNN newscast came on to report that an American soldier had been killed in Iraq by a “terrorist sniper.” By definition, however, the shooting of a soldier occupying a foreign country – though horrible on a human level – is not an act of “terrorism,” since no civilians are involved.
By waving the loaded word “terrorism” around, however, the U.S. news media helped the Bush administration misrepresent the threat facing U.S. troops in Iraq and elsewhere.

The writer incorporated many relevant topics on Bush’s terror war. He didn’t quite say it as he should have: the war GWB started was a war on Islam and Muslims in general. Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan are not just happened to be accidental; instead, it is well orchestrated attempted to deprive Muslims technologies which could improve the lives of 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Now Iraq is destroyed, Palestine blockaded and starved, Afghanistan divided to …

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? The Army estimates that every 10,000 additional soldiers will cost about $1.2 billion a year. AND ON THE OTHER HAND,
elementary and secondary schools are losing 1.2 billion dollars currently in 2006.
So America is spending money taken away from the poor and middle income family thereby enriching the wealthy! The future generation will ask Where we were when the criminal gangs of democrats and republicans destroy the country’s wealth led by the chief criminal George W.