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Heroin addiction reaching epidemic levels in Ethiopia | Ethiopia

Heroin addiction reaching epidemic levels in Ethiopia | Ethiopia: "Just a couple of decades ago Khat (ጫት) consumption was limited to a small area of Ethiopia, mainly eastern and south eastern of the country. Today, Khat use is pervasive in all parts of Ethiopia, except the Tigray region where it is outlawed.

As a result, currently a growing number of Ethiopian youth are addicted to khat, causing most of them to be less productive citizens who walk around like zombies.

The ruling party doesn’t want to control khat — although it knows about its debilitating effect on the society — because many of its officials are deeply involved in the khat trade

It is estimated that the khat market in Ethiopia alone generates well over one hundred million dollars per year.

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    A New Study Shows that Americans are Idiots        :      Information Clearing House: ICH

A New Study Shows that Americans are Idiots : Information Clearing House: ICH: "A New Study Shows that Americans are Idiots

By Jill

October 11, 2010 'Brilliant at Breakfast' - - Remember how Democrats always refuse to fight back against smears because 'The American people are too smart to fall for that'?

No, they aren't. In fact, Americans are no longer capable of arriving at opinions through actual thought:

Americans have a more negative view of government today than they did a decade ago, or even a few years ago. Most say it focuses on the wrong things and lack confidence that it can solve big domestic problems; this general anti-Washington sentiment is helping to fuel a potential Republican takeover of Congress next month.

But ask people what they expect the government to do for themselves and their families, and a more complicated picture emerges.

A new study by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard Unive…