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Showing posts from December 12, 2005


I have watched Syriana last night; I liked the movie but lacks clarity in complex part of the world. For those people who has no clue about oil and the Middle East from non biased source then you may find the movie understandably complex; if you have been watching American news networks and twenty four hour news you will be very confused. You will be disappointed to know that American interest in the region related to Arab and Muslims is OIL and the other being Israel and the whole another issue related to Israel that this movie bother not to get into. I recommend the movie for many reasons, one of which is watching your government! It is fostering terrorism through dishonest dealings of corrupt governments.


What I have read on the news on the last two days only more prove to what I already know: most white people have deep hatred for “others.” Australia is established as convicted criminal outpost where white people from England and its surroundings come to live the rest of their life and banished forever. These white criminals lived up to their reputation. Aborigines suffered in their hands like Native American’s suffer in the cruel white people’s hand. Now the Australians white’s the descendants of criminals are attacking Arabs everywhere claiming some Arab uses attacked a white man without proof? Why would white people do the most stinking crime without even repenting for the past? Where the Australians live in foreign lands no one attacked them even though they committed crimes against humanity in the past and present. It would be unfair to attack Australians who didn’t commit the crime. It would be wrong because no one carries the burden of the other person and individuals and a gro…