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Somalia attacked by America

If anyone has any doubt that Ethiopia launched an attack to invade Somalia to please the great bully of the world USA; then it should be clear to anyone of you fools out there the US attacked Somalia from air in pure terror raid murdering many people to complement their slaves: Meles and Somali warlords. These types of terror directed on Somalian people by the US would make life difficult for Somalia as USA expanding its war on Islam and Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Somalia. I have no doubt these murderous rampage would not result a victory to a Whiteman. The US will be driven out from Islamic countries or admit it is wrong, apologize and live in peace based on mutual understanding and equality. There is no other way. People like Meles African slave and Jendi Frazer African American slave are serving their master a Whiteman, but they should know Whiteman has no respect for black people whatsoever.