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Condoleeza serving her master

In a second and the last program of African American Lives, a few black Americans traced their ancestry to some degree of success. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. worked with others to find out his and other African descendant from slave lineage whom brought up forcedly in the U.S. On the first program that run February 1, 2006, and a week later, the heart breaking story of African’s and their descendants clearly portrayed multifaceted interest and the desire to connect from where it was severed.
While I watched that program, I couldn’t stop from thinking that we still have modern day slaves working for criminal government of W. Bush who is racist, hateful and callous as he has shown himself to be. Time and again, one of modern day slaves on whom her ancestors turn in their grave almost always about what she had to say. Condoleezza Rice that is (Ernie Chambers Nebraska’s state senator describes her condominium aunt Jemima Rice) spoke of many things that are utterly disconnected of facts as we…