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Showing posts from December 18, 2005

America is in denial

On a billboard of North Carolina’s capital, there are two people dressed in a traditional head Imama and both has weapons. The resemblance is exactly the Iraqi resistance forces roaming in the streets in defense of their cities. I am sure it could warm up to be dressing as such is inviting trouble in the U.S. Any stupid person among the majority who believe the billboard is appropriate could shoot you and it is a real. Just follow this website and fill out the survey about 58% of people in America who are surveyed said the billboard is not racist. Can you imagine the uproar it could cause or a riot or a government shut down if the billboard portrait shows a catholic priest with a young boy next to him saying “don’t let your child left unattended” or something clever of sort. A Latino man with a beer in a car or white men lynching of black woman on a billboard? You never see that! Hey guys if you hate Arabs so much, just heat up the furnace to put millions of Arabs in the fire like jus…

Torture evidence is ok

“House and Senate negotiators agreed Friday to a measure that would enable the government to keep prisoners at Guantánamo Bay indefinitely on the basis of evidence obtained by coercive interrogations.”

“An Iraqi leader” doesn’t have to know what is going on in his country. One of the most absurd argument for war advocates to say is Iraq is free. We all know it Iraq is not free.

“Cheney's visit, under heavy security, was so secret that even Iraq's prime minister said he was surprised when he showed up for what he believed was a meeting with the U.S. ambassador only to see Cheney waiting to greet him.”

As I said white man’s democracy is up to who ever is elected needs to serve their interest rather than the people they represent. Now Europeans are saying if Hamas is elected by the people not only Hamas but also Palestinians are too terrorists. So much for advocating democracy! In the mean time it was ok for the butcher of Sabra and Shatilla to be the prime minister of Zionist Isra…

White man's crime

This reminds me of the devil’s belly; it is full of hatred. White man would tell you, you are free, you are living in free country; but he never tells you he is a hypocrite unless you dig to find or open up your eyes. He was and still that without a change. White people committed huge and lots of crimes since the inception of technology and modern weapon come to existence. Before they reach north and South America; the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand; they have committed crimes in Africa clearing out native people and settled in the best land Africa ever provided. In South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Congo people suffered greatly, enslaved, beaten and killed for no reason at all. Being black was a sin in white mans thought, many whites think still is. Discrimination is in every wake of life, there is hatred, these hypocrites go to church to “talk to God!” they exchange gifts, and they celebrate Christmas for all wrong reasons. White people don’t think in human way, they have n…