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Ethiopian occupation terrorist forces in Mogadishu: Killing hundreds. Somalia: Mounting Bloodshed Prompts Pleas for Help From Mogadishu (Page 1 of 1)
Sources in the capital told IRIN that hospitals have been unable to cope with the deluge of patients arriving since 8 November, when fighting intensified sharply.

"Some of the doctors have been on duty for over 24 hours," said a medical worker in one of the hospitals. "I don't know how long they can continue like this."

He said hospital beds were full and that the injured were mostly civilians - "almost all women and children" - suffering from shrapnel wounds caused by mortars, artillery and Katyusha rockets. "Amazingly, we have seen very few gunshot wounds," the source said.

Another medical source told IRIN that "over 200 people were killed and between 500 and 700 wounded across the city since Thursday [8 November]".