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 7 Years In Chains     : Information Clearing House - ICH

7 Years In Chains : Information Clearing House - ICH: "7 Years In Chains

Detained At 14, Tortured and Released At 21


El-Gharani was treated with appalling brutality. After being tortured in Pakistani custody, he was sold to US forces, who flew him to a prison at Kandahar airport, where, he said, one particular soldier “would hold my penis, with scissors, and say he’d cut it off."

Raw Story » Claim: Leftist leader assassinated in Honduras

Raw Story » Claim: Leftist leader assassinated in Honduras: "The leader of Honduras’ only major left-leaning party has been killed by the country’s military, says a report in the NarcoNews blog.

Citing a report from Mexico’s Notimex news service, the blog reports that Cesar Ham, presidential candidate and leader of the Democratic Unification of Honduras party, was killed while resisting arrest in the early hours of Sunday morning, as the Honduran military fanned out to arrest leftist leaders throughout the country, including President Manuel Zelaya and the country’s chancellor, Patricia Rodas.

“Despite being from a different party, Ham was a close ally of ousted President Manuel Zelaya,” NarcoNews writes."

Living testament to Somalia's descent into hell - The Irish Times - Mon, Jun 29, 2009

Living testament to Somalia's descent into hell - The Irish Times - Mon, Jun 29, 2009: "A Kenyan refugee camp is host to 280,000 Somalis, who have fled the brutality of their homeland, writes ROB CRILLY in Dadaab, Kenya

THE WORLD’S largest refugee camp in a sandy corner of Kenya stands as a miserable testament to Somalia’s descent into hell.

Dadaab camp should not still be here, 18 years after it was built. It should not be home to 280,000 people who dream of a new life in America rather than returning across the border.

Yet still they come, riding in trucks or on donkeys before completing their journey by walking miles through a desiccated landscape.

About 500 people are arriving every day as Islamist insurgents battle a fragile government: people such as Abdirahman Sharif Mohamed, who reached safety last week after a series of chilling telephone threats.

“They said they would kill me if they found me,” said the father-of-six. “They told me since I was working for the government…