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Showing posts from March 4, 2007
I was watching 60 minutes on CBS about the “Jihadists” websites today. It is basically how alqaida or “Islamic Terrorists” recruit the very young to kill “people of the West” (may be they didn’t say that exactly) but when they talked about Iraq and Afghanistan, we know exactly what they meant by. There is a new phenomenon in Islamic world; the youth is alienated by the West as a terrorist, by its own government as a trouble maker and by extremist groups as a prey to suicide mission. That phenomenon is to kill “others” who are oppressing Muslims through direct and in direct means. The extremists have many weapons to make one emotionally charged youth into a killing machine. Invasion and occupation of indigenous Muslim land by foreigners; humiliation and abuse by those invaders; and then expelling them out of their land for their resources to name a few. But it is much more complicated than that. But the major point of I wanted to mention here are: the double standard the West is taking…
Today cowardly American troop’s committed mass murder on Afghanis who happened to be driving on a road where anti occupation forces attacked American occupation forces. This type of thing happened all the time where American invading forces roam.
The account is horrifying according to the survivals of American attack; here is some on aljazeera website:

"They were firing everywhere, and they even opened fire on 14 to 15 vehicles passing on the highway," said Tur Gul, 38, who was shot twice in the hand as he stood by the roadside.

"They opened fire on everybody, the ones inside the vehicles and the ones on foot."
"American bullets murdered my family ... it's tyranny and injustice, he said."
"According to a local police chief ... civilians died when US troops opened fire after the initial explosion.
"When we parked our vehicle, when they passed us, they opened fire on our vehicle," said 15-year-old Mohammad Ishaq, who was hit by bullets in his …