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Showing posts from June 19, 2006

world cup

I hate what happened in the World Cup today, Tunisia and Togo got defeated by Spain and Switzerland respectively. I know Tunisia still has slim hope because of that tie point they share with the Saudis. If Tunisia defeat Ukraine by three goal!!!! They will go on!!
I am still waiting to see Portugal defeats Mexico and Angola beat Iranians so that Angola could go through the second round. The best hope for me is Ghana. Ivory coast and Togo are already out.

I have just finished watching “Paradise lost”, a good movie and unbiased. The life of Palestinians under occupation provides very little. As you could see from the movie dying for a cause itself requires many prerequisites and even then no one is sure the mission is correct or would serve the occupied and the oppressed people from the torment of Zionist racists. The mission of the bombers is positive and negative consequences for the Palestinians, one of which is makes the Racist Zionist stronger giving them the sympathy they don’t deserve. The Palestinians are the ones whose country occupied, can move throughout their land, whose farm destroyed, their houses taken or demolished, going through barbed wire and wait for ours to go through multiple check points, whose blood soaked the ancient land of Palestine, humiliated, jailed, stranded as refugees throughout the world, yet the Zionists are getting sympathy every time a bomber strikes.
The only victims are the Palestinians here, …