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American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Blog

American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Blog: "As expected, President Bush played the fear card in his State of the Union address last night. Once again, he's trying to scare the public into thinking that come February 1, the phone lines will be burning up with terrorist-to-terrorist phone calls that our intelligence agencies won't be able to listen to, because Senate Democrats want to debate FISA legislation instead of blindly accepting the White House's demands:

To protect America, we need to know who the terrorists are talking to, what they are saying, and what they're planning. Last year, Congress passed legislation to help us do that. Unfortunately, Congress set the legislation to expire on February the 1st. That means if you don't act by Friday, our ability to track terrorist threats would be weakened and our citizens will be in greater danger. Congress must ensure the flow of vital intelligence is not disrupted. Congress must pass liability protection …

US airstrikes on Iraq rise 500 percent :: :: informazione dall'Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: - it

US airstrikes on Iraq rise 500 percent :: :: informazione dall'Iraq occupato :: news from occupied Iraq :: - it: "January 29, 2008

Though George Bush claims the 'surge’ brings peace in 2007 warplanes made 1,447 bombing runs

The US has unleashed a ferocious bombing campaign on Iraq and Afghanistan, with devastating effects on the population. This surge in the 'air war' is largely hidden behind talk of 'recent successes' for the occupations.

According to figures released by the US military – known as 'airpower summary of close air support missions' – in 2006 there were 229 US bombing missions. But last year this rose to 1,447 – more than a 500 percent increase.

The most frequently used munition in this campaign of air bombardment is the Guided Bomb Unit 12, a laser guided bomb with a 500 pound 'general purpose warhead'. This warhead is capable of reducing houses to rubble.

In 2006 over 111,000 pounds of bombs were dropped on targe…

Voices - Traffic Jam on the Highway to Hell

Voices - Traffic Jam on the Highway to HellEvil never runs its course. With each success, it grows stronger, more ghastly and, like Dick Cheney, emerges a bit more from the shadows. Never doubt for a minute that these unfeeling creatures are not evil. They are incapable of compassion, of empathy, of mercy. Their eyes are on the prize of One World rule, and they will have it in spite of -- or as a result of -- all the chaos and carnage it takes to achieve it. There are no "Imps of the Perverse" among them who will be so overcome with guilt they will break from the pack and run through the populace shrieking, "We're guilty! We did it! We are murderers!"

Cheney and his destructive little sidekick, George Bush, have brazenly committed treasonous acts -- left piles of corpses in their wake since the 2000 election coup. If there is a God, they are bound straight for Hell. But they are not alone. They're protected by a merciless axis of courts, congressional conspi…