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  Now we know.       :      Information Clearing House: ICH

Now we know. : Information Clearing House: ICH: "The problem is that for decades, Middle East potentates have been threatening to chop off the heads of snakes, serpents, rats and Iranian insects – the latter a favourite of Saddam Hussein who used US-supplied 'insecticide' to destroy them, as we all know – while Israeli leaders have called Palestinians 'cockroaches' (Rafael Eitan), 'crocodiles' (Ehud Barak) and 'three-legged beasts' (Begin).

Tears of laughter, I have to admit, began to run down my face when I read the po-faced US diplomatic report from Bahrain that King Hamad – or 'His Supreme Highness King Hamad' as he insists on being called, in his Sunni dictatorship with a Shia majority and a kingdom slightly larger than the Isle of Wight – had announced that the danger of letting the Iranian nuclear programme go on was 'greater than the danger of stopping it'.

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   Wikileaks : US Cable Confirms US Killed Women and Children In Yemen     :      Information Clearing House: ICH

Wikileaks : US Cable Confirms US Killed Women and Children In Yemen : Information Clearing House: ICH: "By Michael Isikoff National investigative correspondent

November 30, 2010 'NBC News' -- The U.S. media paid scant attention in June when Amnesty International released a report charging that U.S. cruise missiles carrying cluster bombs had struck the village of al Majalah in southern Yemen on Dec. 17, 2009, killing 41 civilians, including 14 women and 21 children.

Pentagon officials declined to discuss the matter at the time. But accusations of direct U.S. participation in that bombing and others in Yemen that reportedly caused civilian casualties quickly became a principal theme of al-Qaida propaganda.

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ei: Why NGO Monitor is attacking The Electronic Intifada

ei: Why NGO Monitor is attacking The Electronic Intifada: "NGO Monitor has launched a campaign targeting a Dutch foundation's financial support to The Electronic Intifada, accusing the publication among other things of 'anti-Semitism.' NGO Monitor is an extreme right-wing group with close ties to the Israeli government, military, West Bank settlers, a man convicted of misleading the US Congress, and to notoriously Islamophobic individuals and organizations in the United States.

NGO Monitor's campaign of public defamation against The Electronic Intifada has focused on a grant the publication receives from the Dutch foundation ICCO. NGO Monitor has pressured the Dutch government, which subsidizes ICCO, to end its support for The Electronic Intifada. Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal has apparently already lent public credence to NGO Monitor's campaign against The Electronic Intifada, an independent publication established in February 2001 and read by thousands…

The World's 10 Worst Dictators |

The World's 10 Worst Dictators | "Despite King Abdullah’s talk of reform, Saudi women still need permission from male guardians to work, study, travel, marry, or even obtain an ID card. The government opened a women’s branch of its Human Rights Commission, but only men serve on its board. There is no Saudi penal code, and trial defendants often cannot question witnesses.

U.S. link: Dependence on Saudi oil—the U.S. imported $50 billion worth in 2008— has caused our leaders to overlook the royal family’s abysmal human-rights record.