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Bloodshed rises in Iraq as US demands 'victory' - Independent Online Edition > Middle East

Bloodshed rises in Iraq as US demands 'victory' - Independent Online Edition > Middle East: "As Tony Blair, one of the architects of the Iraq war, prepares to leave office, it is clearer than ever that his ally's strategy of systematically crushing the Sunni insurgency is not working. In this special report from Baghdad, Patrick Cockburn shows why "

Who will cry for Khadija, the Ethiopian?

Various websites have reported that Khadija Ibrahim Moussa, an Ethiopian woman, has been beheaded by the Saudi regime.
The report alleges that she was beheaded for killing an Egyptian after a dispute. However, no further information is given as to what prompted the Ethiopian woman to take such a drastic action. It is doubtful that an Ethiopian woman would resort to such an extreme measure without being provoked beyond limit by some strong and unusual humiliation. It could also be due to mental health problems. Because of the well known excessive suffering that female workers endure in Saudi Arabia, it is reasonable to speculate that Khadija’s case could be similar to that of another Ethiopian woman who was accused of murder caused by the excessive humiliation she suffered while working as a maid in Bahrain, a neighboring Arab country to Saudi Arabia.
Khadija’s beheading by the Saudi Wahabist regime is barbaric and an affront to humanity and a humiliating situation for Ethiopians, Christ…

Ethiopia's opposition parties need to rethink relations with Eritrea

Ethiopia's opposition parties need to rethink relations with EritreaThe TPLF has managed to establish its own puppet government in Ethiopia for the last sixteen years and is determined to continue to do so in the absence of any major unfragmented opposition.
The woyannes are now almost in control of all the national and regional institutions of social, economic and political structures. The TPLF cadres are in control of all key government posts in Ethiopia and have well established themselves in the federal government. They have political cadres in all the regions to watch regional colleagues behave exactly as they are programmed. They do this with the help of a well-crafted incentive system which makes regional bosses bow to the will of their TPLF masters in Addis Ababa...............

Because They Can: The Logic of the Torture State

“This is your god!”

That profane outburst fell from the lips of Pfc. Damien M. Corsetti – aka “Monster,” aka “King of Torture” – as he straddled a helpless Saudi detainee in a Soviet-constructed Afghan prison. Corsetti had just threatened to rape the detainee, and the supposed deity he referred to was the appendage with which he would commit that act. At the time, said appendage was pressed against the prisoner's face.

Ethiopians Fear for Their Interfaith Oasis -

Ethiopians Fear for Their Interfaith Oasis - "In many ways, Dese is a hodgepodge of a place, where streets are framed by arched doorways built by Arab traders, striped awnings hung by Italian occupiers, and boxy lacquered mini-malls with cafes where large-screen TVs are tuned to al-Jazeera and Randy Travis songs occasionally drift out of open doors.
Above all, though, Dese is a symbol of Ethiopia's peaceful religious intermingling, a characteristic that is found to varying degrees across a country where nationalism or ethnicity or even devotion to soccer tends to trump religious fervor.
For centuries, Muslims and Christians here have lived in the same neighborhoods, celebrated each other's holidays, intermarried and blended religions with indigenous beliefs. Relationships are cemented through such Ethiopian institutions as the idir -- groups of neighbors, often religiously mixed, that raise money to pay for funerals."

How American troops terrorize Iraqi population

Yusifiyah is a resistance den. Every attempt to terrorize the population of the area into submission through summary execution, rape and killing afterwards didn’t work. Breaking homes or raising living quarters are tactics that didn’t work either. America will be defeated by the resistance and leave soon or later; but, on its wake it adds records of state terrorism that begun before a white man establish independent country from the colonists (British Empire). Americans, especially Caucasian Americans are notorious in supporting their brutal troops which has records of crimes and mass murders around the world. But why would blacks and any other ethnic groups participate in this bloody journey? The journey will one day end, I am sure it is not going to be pretty. A Whiteman’s system is not going to be folded without using the weapons it has build for more than the last 50 years. There is a talk of using nuclear weapons against Iran or any other country that didn’t submit to Americas wi…