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How American troops terrorize Iraqi population

Yusifiyah is a resistance den. Every attempt to terrorize the population of the area into submission through summary execution, rape and killing afterwards didn’t work. Breaking homes or raising living quarters are tactics that didn’t work either. America will be defeated by the resistance and leave soon or later; but, on its wake it adds records of state terrorism that begun before a white man establish independent country from the colonists (British Empire). Americans, especially Caucasian Americans are notorious in supporting their brutal troops which has records of crimes and mass murders around the world. But why would blacks and any other ethnic groups participate in this bloody journey? The journey will one day end, I am sure it is not going to be pretty. A Whiteman’s system is not going to be folded without using the weapons it has build for more than the last 50 years. There is a talk of using nuclear weapons against Iran or any other country that didn’t submit to Americas will. Iran didn’t attack America; it is America who attacked Iran. It shoots down civilian air plane with hundreds of people in it on Iran - Iraq war, it froze Iranian money, imposed several embargos, harassed its diplomats, protect terrorist organization MKO in Iraq. America wasn’t attacked by Iraq either. Look what happen to that country: Iraqi infrastructure already crippled by the U.S. led embargo before American led rape of Iraq in 2003. Now that destruction is completed. People are exiled by millions, killed by hundreds of thousands, wounded by millions, terrorized by millions. There is no security in Iraq: Iraqi kids are getting no meaningful education, professionals are getting assassinated and many left the country, there are shortages of medical supplies, roads are crushed by American tanks and armor vehicles, the country is divided by walls and barricades, women are terrorized if not covered.
Americans are only thinks of themselves. It would have been understandable but not condonable if it is beneficial to them; but, it is not. America will be hated, bankrupted, and will be confronted by many more problems in the aftermath. Look what happened in the New Orleans after the Katrina disaster. The National Guard terrorizes Iraqis at that time, leaving the population it should have protected without protection. Such things are precursors to the fall of the empire. expansions of last fallen empires were their undoing too.


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