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Good riddance Pinochet

Once the U.S man Pinochet died before he got punished for his crime. I don’t think a lot of people know this criminal came to power in a bloody coup after Richard Nixon put economic pressure on Salvador Allende who was elected overwhelmingly by Chilean people. It is something the world community should know that the Palestinians elected their leaders but America keeping with its tradition sabotaged the Hamas government and the Prime Minister Ismael Haniya to overthrown by Mahmoud Abbas the PLO leader.
Good riddance Pinochet I would like to say go to hell.
Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte[1] (November 25, 1915 – December 10, 2006) was a general and President of Chile. He led the military junta to power in 1973 through a coup d'etat, deposing the democratically elected President Salvador Allende. He was president of the Republic from 1974 to 1990 (1981 to 1990 under the Constitution of 1980). He died of heart failure on December 10, 2006.

An Iraqi National Initiative to End the Occupation of Iraq .......

An Iraqi National Initiative to End the Occupation of Iraq Reflecting the Will and View of the Iraqi National Resistance and the Other Major Political Forces Opposing the Occupation

Proposed Principles for

Dialogue and Agreement

1- A declaration by the American side of an unequivocal decision to withdraw fully from Iraq according to a short time-table of no more than six months. In consequence, all American, and other occupying contingents, should withdraw their forces from all Iraqi cities toward temporary and recognized military bases in agreement with the new Iraqi Government. These forces should not engage in any security or military operations during the time of their withdrawal. Furthermore, by the end of the six months period, all of these forces should have completed their withdrawal from those bases [in Iraq].

2- The Iraqi National Resistance will declare a ceasefire, while keeping their arms, until the final withdrawal of the American and the other national occupation forces hav…