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About terrorism in Iraq

I just want to say first and for most, terrorism didn’t exist in Iraq before the Bush administration went with the invasion of Iraq. Lied about almost every account, Bush went in and made Iraq unlivable place for people especially for those who mostly live in western, central and northwestern Iraq and caused the death of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.
The Association of Muslim Scholars and the Iraqi Islamic Party, both Sunni fundamentalist groups, condemned the attacks on Shiites which happened in Karbala. The AMS said in a communiqué, "Dozens of innocent Iraqi victims fell in the city of Karbala as a result of a suspicious, criminal operation." It added, "The AMS decries these terrorist crimes and condemns the party behind them, whoever it may be." This is in response to recent Karbala crime perpetrated and carried out by terrorists who are the most vicious and regards no human life is worth caring except the followers of their brand of Islam. I …