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Bush's Private Army

Bush's Private Army: "Coming to a city near you?
Produced by the US magazine The Nation.

No one knows for sure, but it's believed that as much as 40% of the military budget goes to private contractors including private armies.

There are thousands of private mercenaries operating on behalf of the US in Iraq and elsewhere around the world. Nearly 1,000 have been killed in Iraq alone, but their casualties are not counted. Nor has Congress been able to discover exactly how many mercenaries the US employs there.

One of these firms, Blackwater USA, a big supporter of George Bush, is now deploying in the US. They were present in New Orleans after the levee collapses. "

A sacred right

A sacred right: "Why should I, a Jew from north London, be permitted to take up Israeli citizenship, when that right is denied to a Palestinian who languishes in a refugee camp in Lebanon? Especially when I acknowledge that a large majority of those that left in 1948 were ethnically cleansed by Israeli forces."

Film on "Radical Islam" Tied to Pro-Israel Groups :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - it

Film on "Radical Islam" Tied to Pro-Israel Groups :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - it: "Its production credits include the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, a translation service founded in 1998 by Col. Yigal Carmon, who spent more than 20 years in Israeli intelligence and later advised two Israeli prime ministers; and the Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli group founded by Marcus, that monitors Palestinian news organisations for alleged anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic propaganda."

Bush Out: Bush Cites Fadhils For Proof Of "Success" In Iraq!

Bush Out: Bush Cites Fadhils For Proof Of "Success" In Iraq!: "When the President of the United States of America is reduced to quoting propaganda nonsense fabricated by his own neocon supporters, that's pathetic.

When he does so specifically in order to justify failed policies which continue to see dozens, if not hundreds, dead every day in Iraq, that's worse than tragic. It's criminal. "

Comment is free: Counting the cost

Comment is free: Counting the cost: "Our collective failure has been to take our political leaders at their word. This week, the BBC reported that the government's own scientists advised ministers that the Johns Hopkins study on Iraq civilian mortality was accurate and reliable. This paper was published in the Lancet last October. It estimated that 650,000 Iraqi civilians had died since the American- and British-led invasion in March 2003."

The Missing WMD – in Trucks in Iraq - by Mike Davis and Tom Engelhardt

The Missing WMD – in Trucks in Iraq - by Mike Davis and Tom Engelhardt: "Despite heroic reassurances from both the White House and the Pentagon that the six-week-old U.S. escalation in Baghdad and al-Anbar province is proceeding on course, suicide car-bombers continue to devastate Shi'ite and Sunni neighborhoods, often under the noses of reinforced American patrols and checkpoints. Indeed, February was a record month for car bombings, with at least 44 deadly explosions in Baghdad alone, and March promises to duplicate the carnage. "

Al Jazeera English - News

Al Jazeera English - News
The policemen roamed the town's Sunni neighbourhoods for two hours shooting at Sunni residents and homes early on Wednesday, security officials said.

"I wish you can come and see all the bodies. They are lying in the grounds. We don't have enough space in the hospital. All of the victims were shot in the head," a doctor at the town's main hospital said.

"No less than 45 people were killed. I've never seen such a thing in my life."

Al Jazeera English - News

Al Jazeera English - News
In the country’s capital, Berlin, Al Jazeera spoke to Emmanuel Donkor, struggling to make his way after moving to Germany from Ghana.

Instead of seeing his hopes of a brighter future realised he was attacked while waiting on a train station platform a by a white skin-head and his pit-bull terrier.

Emmanuel said passer-bys just watched and could only say, "the police…never happen again."

Cargo Plane Shot Down in Somalia -

Cargo Plane Shot Down in Somalia - "MOGADISHU, Somalia, March 23 -- A huge cargo plane that had delivered equipment for Ugandan peacekeepers in the Somali capital was shot down by a missile during takeoff Friday, the owner of the plane said. A witness said the aircraft crashed in flames after one of its wings fell into the Indian Ocean"

9/11: Public Officials Warned

9/11: Public Officials Warned: "Who told a number of public officials not to fly into New York on the morning of 9/11 and why didn't the people on the targeted planes get the same warnings? Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown was set to fly into New York on the morning of September 11. However, he got a call from what he described as his 'airport security' late September 10th advising against flying due to a security threatWho told a number of public officials not to fly into New York on the morning of 9/11 and why didn't the people on the targeted planes get the same warnings? Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown was set to fly into New York on the morning of September 11. However, he got a call from what he described as his 'airport security' late September 10th advising against flying due to a security threat"

United States transferred persons to be tortured.

Finally, desire unmasked :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - it

Finally, desire unmasked :: from :: news from occupied Iraq - it
..........The world's third largest oil holder, Iraq has proven reserves of 112.5 billion barrels and unproven reserves of an estimated 215 billion barrels, with the cost of tapping these reserves lower than US$1 per barrel. Once in control of Iraqi oil, not only will the US be confident of oil supply and the wallets of its oil dealers significantly fatter, but it will have another means by which to contain other economies. Further to that, Iraq's geographical location and water resources are also strategically important.............

'Professor Torture' stands by his famous memo

'Professor Torture' stands by his famous memo: "Guantanamo Bay has just marked its fifth anniversary. John Yoo was instrumental in setting up the prison camp that has been widely condemned. (The normally solidly pro-American Daily Mail newspaper in England, for example, has called it 'the sort of show that once only dictators like Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao knew how to put on.')".............

Today is the anniversary of the 4th year rape of Iraq

Today is the anniversary of the 4th year rape of Iraq by the United States of America. It is a very sad day to remember. As of today the outcome of the aggression by the bully is not conclusive. Now the fight is increased in complexity as well, confusing every analyst as to how a few thousand Sunni fighters withstood the wealthiest and technologically advanced nation in the world. Every plan by the bully to defeat the resistance has not resulted to subjugate Iraqis in Sunni areas. The rest of the country which is controlled by the Shiites and Kurds is relatively calm. The Shiites are having internal power struggle against one another at times bloody. And sporadic attack on British forces the co-rapists of Iraq is seen time to time. The rape of Iraq hurt both countries in number of ways; for Iraq it is more than half a million dead and about two million made refugees. On day to day living, Iraqis are getting less electric, less security, less food and clean water than since the overthr…

Israel's Last Chance - by Gabriel Kolko

Israel's Last Chance - by Gabriel Kolko
The United States has given Israel $51.3 billion in military grants since 1949, most of it after 1974 – more than any other country in the post-1945 era. Israel has also received $11.2 billion in loans for military equipment, plus $31 billion in economic grants, not to mention loan guarantees or joint military projects. But major conditions on these military grants have meant that 74 percent of it.........

Kansas City Star | 03/17/2007 | American secretly sent to Ethiopia

Kansas City Star | 03/17/2007 | American secretly sent to Ethiopia
The terror suspect is now in prison there, where conditions are considered “very poor.”
McClatchy Newspapers
NAIROBI, Kenya | A U.S. citizen caught fleeing the recent fighting in Somalia was questioned by the FBI in Kenya about links to al-Qaida. He was then secretly sent back to the war-ravaged country, where he was turned over to Ethiopian forces.............
Two countries sponsoring state terror and the top two countries which are spreading terror throughout the world particularly in the Middle East so upset storm out of UN nuclear forum! Many people probably forget the fact that USA is the only country who used nuclear bomb twice against Japanese civilians. Yet this terrorist state and its ally Israel which is planted and supported by world fascist racist Zionist movement refused to sit by and listens a slight criticism against fascist Zionist Israel!

Casualties of war -- who weeps for Abeer?

Helen Zia

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As the anniversary of the Iraq invasion approaches, another milestone has quietly passed, leaving a window into the protracted and unimaginable human costs of this war in Iraq and here at home. A year ago, 14-year-old Abeer Qassim Al-Janabi was stalked, gang-raped, shot in the head and her corpse burned in her own home in Mahmoudiya, Iraq. Four U.S. soldiers and one former soldier are charged with the crimes..........................

60 years of faulty logic

60 years of faulty logic ............ "The speech amounted, as one of Truman's advisers characterized it, to a declaration of religious war. In the transcendent struggle between Moscow and Washington, 'nonalignment' was not an option. Truman declared that the United States would actively support 'free' people anywhere who were resisting either internal or external threats to that freedom. The 'free world' was born, but so, eventually, were disastrous wars in Korea and Vietnam."......................

Confessions of a Torturer:

Confessions of a Torturer:: "03/13/07 'Chicago Reader' -- 03/02/07 -- TONY LAGOURANIS DOESN’T fit the profile of a person likely to go wrong by following orders. He’s lived a footloose life unconstrained by a desire for professional advancement, for the approval of superiors, even for a comfortable home. A freethinker, he read the great works of Western civilization in college and mastered classical languages. It was his desire to learn Arabic as well that took him to Iraq."..............

The Democrats' Fraudulent Iraq Exit Plan

The Democrats' Fraudulent Iraq Exit Plan: "03/13/07 'ICH' -- - -The Democrats took the majority of both the House and Senate on January 4th, 2007 since then 192 members of the Armed Services have died as have countless Iraqi civilians. With power comes responsibility, so voters should know that this is now the Democrats War and every death and casualty is their responsibility."..........

6 Muslims removed from plane sue - Yahoo! News

6 Muslims removed from plane sue - Yahoo! News: "MINNEAPOLIS - Six Islamic leaders who were removed from a US Airways flight in November are suing the airline for discrimination. "
The imams were returning from a religious conference in November when they were taken off a plane in Minneapolis, handcuffed and questioned. They had prayed on their prayer rugs in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport before the flight, and after they boarded, a passenger passed a note to a flight attendant.

When the men returned to the airport the next day, they said, the airline refunded their fare but refused to sell them another ticket.

US Airways Group Inc. has said prayer was never the issue. A passenger reported overhearing anti-U.S. statements, and the men got up and moved around the airplane, the airline said.

The men said they had done nothing that should have been suspicious.

US Airways released a statement saying it hadn't seen the lawsuit, filed Monday, but that its initial p…

Two truckers return from Iraq disillusioned

Two truckers return from Iraq disillusioned: "Rowe was shot in the knee during a convoy attack and has retained a lawyer to pay for medical treatment and lost wages. Rolfe was shot in the head, but says he was compensated for his medical treatment and lost wages.
Both advise against serving as a trucker contractor in Iraq, saying they had to drive unarmored trucks in a war zone. Both contracted with the engineering and construction firm Kellogg, Brown & Root, which did not respond to requests for comment. ".......................................

Bush's Crimes in Baghdad Have Parallel in U.S., U.K. - The Smirking Chimp

Bush's Crimes in Baghdad Have Parallel in U.S., U.K. - The Smirking Chimp
..........See how it works? High government officials break the law by lying to the FBI and the FBI breaks the law by misusing the Patriot Act. Is there anybody at the top in D.C. who's not a criminal? Asked for comment on Libby's conviction, President Bush, replied, "I was sad for a man who had worked in my administration, and particularly sad for his family." So that's the word from the biggest law-breaker of them all, regret for the terrible suffering Mr. Libby's family will have to endure. When the verdict was announced, Liddy's wife broke down in the court room...............

War Making 101 -  A Users Manual

War Making 101 -  A Users Manual: "No other nation today is more addicted to war than the US. It seems like it's always been that way, and it has. Of course, you'd never know it from the sanitized history we're taught up to the highest levels in all our schools - even the best of them like the two esteemed universities I was lucky enough to attend. I later understood their mission was to program my mind, teach me acceptable doctrine to 'make me a good citizen.' It's part of the package called 'The American Way.' Fill their heads with mush and make 'em believe the sun is out when it's really dark and pouring rain. They did teach me how to learn though, and I've tried to use that skill ever since to discover and understand what they should have taught me but never did. "
Militarism and empire go way back to our Founding Fathers including the one we call the Father of the country. Some Father. He referred to the nation as a &…

Jihad TV

Jihad TV
a powerful video and fair by Western journalism standard. i am sure Americans don't watch this kind of documentary at all. I have lived in the U.S. for 17 years watching nothing but propoganda on television screen. one TV station has a tool to be fair is the NEWS HOUR on PBS Public Television. the rest are all the same: Fox News, CNN, ABC NESW.....

How a battered al-Qa'eda was rebuilt | International News | News | Telegraph

How a battered al-Qa'eda was rebuilt | International News | News | Telegraph

What unites and inspires the militants remains the global jihad ideology of the original al-Qa'eda. Rather than talk about day-to-day events as Zawahiri does, bin Laden expounds on global jihad - toppling corrupt Muslim rulers, uniting the Muslim world under one leader, spreading Islam and taking on the West. Bin Laden has survived half a century due to the failed policies of the United States which declined to chase him down when it was much easier to do so and instead focused on invading Iraq.

If he were to die tomorrow, his message and organisation would remain a major threat to the world.
Rosen: Our Sunni allies in the region, the so-called moderate states -- dictatorships like Jordan and Saudi Arabia -- are pushing the U.S. to switch sides and support the Sunnis. We've been working up to that, obviously. The whole buildup to a new war against Iran, which sounds so much like the buildup in 2002, is part of that. You no longer hear about Al Qaeda in Iraq. More and more we're hearing about Iran and Shias............

Al Jazeera English - News

Al Jazeera English - News
The Iraqi judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death has fled Iraq and sought asylum in the UK.
Al Jazeera's correspondent in London quoted British official sources as saying that Raouf Abdel-Rahman, a member of Iraq's Kurdish minority, has requested political asylum in Britain with his family.
Abdel-Rahman headed the Supreme Iraq Criminal Tribunal that heard Saddam's genocide trial and found the former Iraqi president guilty, leading to his execution...........

The Pentagon’s Power to Arrest, Torture, and Execute Americans

The Pentagon’s Power to Arrest, Torture, and Execute Americans
by Jacob G. Hornberger, February 28, 2007
The president and the Pentagon now wield the omnipotent power to arrest, torture, and execute any American they label an “enemy combatant.” It is impossible to overstate the significance of this power. It has totally upended the relationship of the military and civilian in the United States. The assumption of this particular power easily constitutes one of the most monumental revolutions of liberty and power in history. It is a revolution that every American must confront now, not later. If people wait until later to confront the expanded use of this power, it will be too late, because by that time it will be too dangerous to do so.

As long as this particular power is permitted to stand, there is no possibility for Americans to be considered a free people. A necessary prerequisite for restoring freedom to our land is the removal of this power from the arsenal of government officials.…

Asia Times Online :: Asian News, Business and Economy - Bush down south

Asia Times Online :: Asian News, Business and Economy - Bush down south: "SAO PAULO - US President George W Bush - biting the dust in Iraq, contested at home, despised around the world - is taking a break and heading south on a five-stop tour of Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. He is not visiting the 100,000-hectare family ranch his daughter Barbara bought last autumn in the Paraguayan chaco. He might be tempted to stay in.

The Bush reception won't be exactly of the Rolling Stones variety. Massive protests are scheduled everywhere - even in countries where he is not showing up. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - Bush's continental nemesis - will address a huge crowd in".........

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Israel, Iran, US lead 'least-liked' countries

Asia Times Online :: Middle East News - Israel, Iran, US lead 'least-liked' countries: "WASHINGTON - A majority of people from around the world hold predominantly negative views of Israel, Iran, and the United States, according to a survey of more than 28,000 respondents in 27 countries.

The survey, which was sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corp's World Service and designed by Globescan and the Washington-based Program for International Policy Attitudes (PIPA), found that 56% and 54% of all respondents said they had"............

Christopher Ketcham: What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?

Christopher Ketcham: What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?: "On the afternoon of September 11, 2001, an FBI bulletin known as a BOLO ­- 'be on lookout' -- was issued with regard to three suspicious men who that morning were seen leaving the New Jersey waterfront minutes after the first plane hit World Trade Center 1. Law enforcement officers across the New York-New Jersey area were warned in the radio dispatch to watch for a 'vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack':
White, 2000 Chevrolet van with 'Urban Moving Systems' sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals."..................

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 03/06/2007 | 4 years after invasion, many Iraqis look back with longing

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 03/06/2007 | 4 years after invasion, many Iraqis look back with longing: "BAGHDAD, Iraq - Four years ago, Iraqi poet Abbas Chaychan, a Shiite Muslim who'd been forced into exile during the predominantly Sunni Muslim regime of Saddam Hussein, hailed the American presence here in a poem that praised the top U.S. diplomat in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer.
'We have breakfasts of kabab and qaymar,' he wrote, describing the new Iraq with a reference to a rich cream that's considered a sign of wealth. 'We put, in your stead, Mr. Bremer / Better than a tyrant of our own flesh and blood, and his torture.'
Last January, shortly after Saddam was hanged, Chaychan again put words to paper. But his outlook had changed.
'History is proud to write about him,' he said of Saddam. 'It wasn't a rope that wrapped around the neck / It was the neck that wrapped around the rope. ...
'From his childhood he was a leader, stubborn and against…

Press TV

Press TV
Israeli officer sells weapons to terrorists in Iraq
Wed, 07 Mar 2007 22:44:47
Ma'ariv Daily has reported that an Israeli retired officer sells weapons to terrorist groups in Iraq.

Shmoel Avivi, an Israeli retired officer, had established a firm in Iraq 2 years ago, which secretly sold arms to terrorist groups in Iraq, Ma'ariv reported.

Amnesty International reported that Avivi was one of the biggest weapon dealers in the Middle East.

Iraqi sources earlier announced that terrorist attacks in Iraq were backed by the intelligent agencies of CIA and Mossad and the secret agents of Iraqi former regime.

Earlier, Iraqi parliament security commission chairman Hadi Ameri had accused the occupying soldiers of secretly directing the terrorist attacks and forming terror squads in Iraq.


A Corrupt Endeavor- by Justin Raimondo

A Corrupt Endeavor- by Justin Raimondo
If you want to know why and how the vice president's chief of staff came to be convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice and now faces up to 20 or so years in jail and a hefty fine, then let's go back to the winter of 2005, when prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald announced Scooter Libby's indictment and took questions from the media. Asked why he wasn't indicting under the terms of the Espionage Act, which makes it a crime to give classified information to persons not entitled to receive it, Fitzgerald explained by giving his famous baseball analogy:
"Let's say a pitcher winds up and hurls a fastball at a batter's head, you have to ask, why did the pitcher do it? Was it an accident? Did he do it out of a grudge or did his fingers slip? Did he hit the target or did he aim for the chin and miss? You'd have to look beyond the field, find out what happened in the dugout, see if it might have been retaliation (did th…

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Afghans killed 'in new US attack'

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Afghans killed 'in new US attack': "Nine Afghan civilians have been killed in a bombing raid in Kapisa province, Afghan officials say.
US forces have confirmed carrying out an air strike in the area but say they have no accurate casualty information.
The news comes shortly after US forces were accused of killing 10 civilians during a shoot out on Sunday in Nangarhar province.
Journalists say US troops confiscated their photos and video footage of the aftermath of the violence.
The BBC's Alastair Leithead in Kabul says the international mission to Afghanistan is to help the government and the people. But heavy fighting and suicide attacks have led to the death of thousands of innocent people over the past year.
President Karzai has been critical of the international forces in the past, saying they should do more to prevent civilian casualties. "........................
I was watching 60 minutes on CBS about the “Jihadists” websites today. It is basically how alqaida or “Islamic Terrorists” recruit the very young to kill “people of the West” (may be they didn’t say that exactly) but when they talked about Iraq and Afghanistan, we know exactly what they meant by. There is a new phenomenon in Islamic world; the youth is alienated by the West as a terrorist, by its own government as a trouble maker and by extremist groups as a prey to suicide mission. That phenomenon is to kill “others” who are oppressing Muslims through direct and in direct means. The extremists have many weapons to make one emotionally charged youth into a killing machine. Invasion and occupation of indigenous Muslim land by foreigners; humiliation and abuse by those invaders; and then expelling them out of their land for their resources to name a few. But it is much more complicated than that. But the major point of I wanted to mention here are: the double standard the West is taking…
Today cowardly American troop’s committed mass murder on Afghanis who happened to be driving on a road where anti occupation forces attacked American occupation forces. This type of thing happened all the time where American invading forces roam.
The account is horrifying according to the survivals of American attack; here is some on aljazeera website:

"They were firing everywhere, and they even opened fire on 14 to 15 vehicles passing on the highway," said Tur Gul, 38, who was shot twice in the hand as he stood by the roadside.

"They opened fire on everybody, the ones inside the vehicles and the ones on foot."
"American bullets murdered my family ... it's tyranny and injustice, he said."
"According to a local police chief ... civilians died when US troops opened fire after the initial explosion.
"When we parked our vehicle, when they passed us, they opened fire on our vehicle," said 15-year-old Mohammad Ishaq, who was hit by bullets in his …

Did Cheney Allow Or Order 9/11 Plane To Strike Pentagon?

Did Cheney Allow Or Order 9/11 Plane To Strike Pentagon?: "Although the official 9/11 Commission Report(CR) said Vice President Richard Cheney did not arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center(PEOC) under the White House until 'shortly before 10 a.m.' that tragic day, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified when he arrived in the room at 9:20 a.m. Cheney was already there. (CR published no testimony from Mineta.) "......................

Iraqis Fleeing Samarra Say Extremists Control City (Asharq Alawsat Newspaper)

Iraqis Fleeing Samarra Say Extremists Control City (Asharq Alawsat Newspaper)
....................He pointed out that these groups "began arriving in Samarra specifically a year and a half ago. Most of their leaders hold Arab citizenships, including Syrians, Algerians, Egyptians, and Yemenis, along with some Iraqi tribesmen who assist them and offer them facilities. These groups have been given houses and farms to turn them into training camps. They will train the sons of the city who refuse to join them so that they will force them to join them in the future by threatening to kill their families if they refuse." ..............

in this writing, I can see Iraqis are either has to accept American rapists or extremist fanatics who are ready to stone people to death! Horrifying choice for people to see.

CIA papers reveal 1950s Japan coup plot - Yahoo! News

CIA papers reveal 1950s Japan coup plot - Yahoo! News: "By JOSEPH COLEMAN, Associated Press Writer
Wed Feb 28, 6:52 PM ET

TOKYO - Declassified documents reveal that Japanese ultranationalists with ties to U.S. military intelligence plotted to overthrow the Japanese government and assassinate the prime minister in 1952. "
The scheme — which was abandoned — was concocted by militarists and suspected war criminals who had worked for U.S. occupation authorities after World War II, according to CIA records reviewed by The Associated Press. The plotters wanted a right-wing government that would rearm Japan.

The CIA files, declassified in 2005 and publicized by the U.S. National Archives in January, detail a plot to oust the pro-U.S. prime minister, Shigeru Yoshida, and install a more hawkish government led by Ichiro Hatoyama.

The CIA, in papers released under an act of the U.S. Congress to declassify documents related to Japanese war crimes, said the plotters were led by Takush…

AP Wire | 02/28/2007 | Israeli police ban conference on holy site

AP Wire | 02/28/2007 | Israeli police ban conference on holy site: "Israeli police ban conference on holy site
Associated Press"
JERUSALEM - Israeli police on Wednesday banned a news conference by Muslim and Christian opponents to Israeli excavation work near a disputed holy site.

Police went to the Commodore Hotel in east Jerusalem and delivered an order canceling the event because it was organized by the Palestinian Hamas militant group, whose activities are prohibited in Israel, police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

The mufti of Jerusalem, the leader of Israel's Islamic Movement and a Roman Orthodox archbishop in the city were to speak against the renovation, which began with an archaeological dig earlier this month.

Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement, has organized protests at the site and police banned him from the area for more than two months.

The dispute over the site, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, has triggered v…