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   More children among Gaza dead           : Information Clearing House - ICH


More children among Gaza dead: Information Clearing House - ICH: "

This is not a war! It is a massacre by the 4 strongest military power on earth on a defenseless population."

UN, Red Cross curtail Gaza aid, criticize Israel - Yahoo! News

UN, Red Cross curtail Gaza aid, criticize Israel - Yahoo! News: "JERUSALEM – The U.N. and the Red Cross curtailed aid shipments in the Gaza Strip on Thursday after accusing Israeli forces of firing on their drivers, killing one. The threat of a wider conflict arose when militants in Lebanon fired two rockets into northern Israel.

One rocket crashed into a retirement home, but there were no serious injuries. Israel responded with mortar shells.

During a three-hour pause in the fighting to allow in food and fuel and let medics collect the dead, nearly three dozen bodies were found beneath the rubble of bombed out buildings in Gaza City.

Many of the dead were in the same neighborhood where the international Red Cross said rescuers discovered young children too weak to stand who had stayed by their dead mothers. The aid group accused Israel of an 'unacceptable' delay in allowing workers to reach the area.

Relations between Israel and humanitarian organizations have grown increasi…

Red Cross demands Gaza access, cites 'shocking' discoveries -

Red Cross demands Gaza access, cites 'shocking' discoveries -
(CNN) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross called on Israel to allow it immediate access to Gaza, saying a trip into Gaza City revealed weak children laying with their dead mothers and other "shocking" scenes.
Red Cross workers and four ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society managed to enter the Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza City on Wednesday, according to a written release. The crew found four children, too weak to stand, next to their dead mothers in a house containing 12 corpses, the statement says. Other houses revealed more wounded and three more corpses, the release said. It said Israeli soldiers posted near the houses ordered the rescue team to leave the area -- an order the team refused. "This is a shocking incident," said Pierre Wettach, the ICRC's chief official for Israel and the Palestinian territories. "The Israeli military must have been aware …