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Torture and torture exports

According to ABC News American government closed the eastern Europe torture camp and moved it north Africa (Arab countries where there is no a smell of democracy and human right) I think it is a good place for the U.S. to continue what it was doing in Europe. The descendant of African slave Rice who serves her master as a secretary of state said that “no U.S. personnel may use cruel or degrading practices at home or abroad.” I guess she is trying to fool the whole world. People saw, read, heard, watched some of the things America did to prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison camps, Abu Ghraib prison and throughout Iraq and other countries; we have seen people picked up from streets just because they are Muslims: tortured, sent to different countries who practice torture including the monster regime of Syria, “the new democratic governments of Europe” and many more countries in which we still have no full account of. Isn’t she ashamed to stand with the world leaders and deny torture hasn’t…