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"ADDIS ABABA, Jan 28 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's government would be able to support the country's development even if donors cut assistance, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was quoted as saying on Saturday.

Meles was speaking 10 days after Britain said it would block 50 million pounds ($89 million) in budget support because of concerns about governance and human rights after a deadly crackdown on post-election demonstrations."

Ethiopian government is getting pushed around for taking actions against the demonstrators and detaining the party leaders by Britannia. Withholding money is the threat western nations always make in this kind of situations. I think Meles Zenawi did the right thing by pointing that his government is not going to black mailed by foreign handouts. Ethiopia is the poorest nation in the world, I am not sure 80 million dollars make a dent in the vast needs of the country so they can shove that money… leaders of countries should change policies if it is wrong …

W. Bush said to Palestinians

W. Bush said to Palestinians: their democratic election will result in cutting aids they have been receiving from Washington. The message is clear: if you refused to accept the Zionists agenda not only we will stop the aid but also sabotage the result or take measures that will result a bloodshed and overthrowing of the government. I have always said the U.S has nothing to do with democracy or helping people to decide what is best for them, instead, it follows its national interest based on who submitted to it fully to its agenda. The history will show again the shameful reality of the U.S. and European Union in this regard. They both have taken actions in the past to reverse indigenous movements such as Algeria’s parliamentarian election of the early 90’s canceled because its Islamist views and the Iranian election of the early 5o’s because it nationalized oil industries. The Latin American countries suffered tremendously being closed to the U.S. the result of which is civil wars, ma…

Whiteman's democracy and palestinian's election

The most astonishing views that are coming from white man democracy are determining whether or not the democratic process achieved the expected result based on a preconceived notion. This notion is in display after Hamas won a victory over the other parties specially the well establish Fattah Movement.
White man (and their servants) in Europe and America refused once again to applaud this ground breaking and fair election that went without the complain of fraud despite the difficulty of movement of Palestinians going to vote which was imposed on them by the racists and Zionist Israelis. Now the choice is: either to encourage the Fattah gangs to annul the vote like Algerians did in the early 1990’s or respect the will of the people. The Zionists media in America without a shame declare the vote as terrorists voting for terrorists and not even one of the major TV stations appear to be fair in their coverage. The Palestinians are tired of the “peace process” talk but not action; they are …

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan whom I admire a lot on his views ranging from human rights to moderation of laws of Islam barred from getting a visa to enter the US. His view of Iraqis legitimate resistance might have made a target but why? The whole world except half America believe the occupation should be resisted including through armed struggle, even the Iraqi government representative agreed there is a legitimate resistance going on and they are supportive of that. American government is going berserk.

"Two American civil rights groups have sued the Bush administration for denying a famed Muslim scholar visa, the New York Times reported on Thursday, January 26.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, January 25, on behalf Tariq Ramadan and three national organizations of academics."

Hamas Wins

Hamas, which is branded by white man as “a terrorist group”, win the parliamentarian election. This victory came about through people’s participation in election what is called “democratic election” now the question is, would white man from Europe to America recognizes when the announcement becomes apparent? If not then they need to re-define what democracy is. This election in Palestine close to 80% participation is better than less than 50% participation in past presidential elections and wasn’t decided by Supreme Court in the case of 2000 election of the US. Yet W. Bush the world’s dangers terrorist refused to talk to Hamas because Hamas simply refused to talk to Zionist racist Israelis who are grabbing lands everyday through expulsion of native Palestinians who lived thousands of years. If Bush was a peace loving man; if he was just and fair; if he had a heart; if he believed “all men are created equal”; he would have told the Zionists to stop their crimes not the Hamas party whic…

Osama and Bush are brothers.

I repeatedly stated Osama and W. Bush are supporters of each other. Without Osama’s rhetoric “we are prepared to attack Amrika,” Bush would have no excuses to spy on American’s; without the invasion of Iraq Osama would never have strengthened his stance. Osama said, “Thank you for invading Iraq” Mr. Bush, then Bush would reciprocate by saying, “Thanks Osama for threatening to attack America” So in a way they are two sides of a coin.

Osama’s speech

I certainly don’t know what to make of Osama’s speech or whatever he is trying to convey. His rhetoric about murdering Londoners or Spaniards (if he ordered the attacks) is dark chapter in the annals of the History of Alqaida. Before September 11, 2001, there wasn’t occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, I don’t understand why asking now for a truce? Does that mean Osama will accept the American hegemony in the Middle East if American’s still supports Israel remain in Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait or any other countries that the U.S has a military base or strongly associated with? If that is the case, then he must admit for the murder of innocent civilians on September 11, 2001 and before that in East African bombings which took many African’s life. All those events took place before the invasion of two countries. (Iraq and Afghanistan)
Many people around the world have a fear of American aggression that is now taking place; for that, not to many people shade tears if this county attacked. But t…

Oppose War

Juan Cole now called it as is: “state terror.” the missiles landed in pakistan on innocent peoples home should have been condemened and there should have been investigation and outrage around the world, but not so. Cole said,
“There are lots of things wrong with firing a missile at a private home at the time of the Feast of Sacrifice and killing 12 women and children. It was wrong, and was a form of state terror. But in addition, it was guaranteed to reinvigorate the Pakistani fundamentalists, who otherwise have not delivered politically for their constituents.
Can't the US be more careful about this sort of thing? I mean, I'm all for getting Zawahiri, one of the most despicable mass serial killers in history. But we also have to win the war for hearts and minds, and this isn't the way to do that.”

But he is also confused when he called the demonistrators al-Qaeda supporters, he said,
“Although demonstrations were held in some other cities, they were very small, only a few h…

Bush's killing Machine

Peaceful Pakistani’s in tribal land border to Afghanistan are seeing dozen’s of civilians murdered by American bombs in their home resting. But again this is a behavior American government is expected of it. With no regard to innocent life as always, unleashing this type of bombardment has been seen in Iraq since the invasion of Iraq. Now it is Pakistanis who start to experience what Iraqi’s are enduring. Bombing people in their home resting is not a war, it is a terror act. War is between two groups who are against each other and armed; they know the enmity and prepared for it. This war W. Bush is waging should not be counted as war; it is a criminal act against innocent people. If American’s are not speaking loudly this war wouldn’t benefit them at all. It didn’t benefit them in Iraq, it is not going to benefit them in Pakistani front, and it is not going to be benefited from the planned war against Iran. As I said before you can give it any name you wanted to, there is no “war on t…

About terrorism in Iraq

I just want to say first and for most, terrorism didn’t exist in Iraq before the Bush administration went with the invasion of Iraq. Lied about almost every account, Bush went in and made Iraq unlivable place for people especially for those who mostly live in western, central and northwestern Iraq and caused the death of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.
The Association of Muslim Scholars and the Iraqi Islamic Party, both Sunni fundamentalist groups, condemned the attacks on Shiites which happened in Karbala. The AMS said in a communiqué, "Dozens of innocent Iraqi victims fell in the city of Karbala as a result of a suspicious, criminal operation." It added, "The AMS decries these terrorist crimes and condemns the party behind them, whoever it may be." This is in response to recent Karbala crime perpetrated and carried out by terrorists who are the most vicious and regards no human life is worth caring except the followers of their brand of Islam. I …

Zionism is bad for the U.S.

“And who is the terrorist in the Middle East? According to Palestinian government sources, Israel has managed to kill 286 Palestinians in 2005 (more than the number of executions in Saudi Arabia, but Israel--mind you--does not have "the death penalty"). Those Palestinians killed included 68 children. 4000 Palestinians were arrested. Twelve were killed by Israeli occupation armed settlers. There were 1700 injured in the same year. Israeli occupation forces also razed 2,115 dunums of land, and uprooted some 58,700 trees, destroyed 52 wells, and confiscated 29,713 dunums for the purpose of the racist separation barrier. Israel also destroyed 1,692 buildings: 298 houses were fully destroyed, and 1,329 were partially destroyed. The occupation also established 877 military checkpoints at the entrances of cities and major roads. Now this is Zionism. And we are counting the dead, one by one, and counting the lands and the olive trees, one by one by one.”

One thing is very clear to th…

Americans killed Iraqi family of 14

Americans killed Iraqi family of 14 in a cold blooded murder. Americans are conducting as the U.S. military claims, 150 bombings of such as this one. these raids takes place against people of Iraq but unfortunately no one protest about it. this type of murder by America is total disregard for Iraqi family as if families of Iraqis are cockroaches. This is a type of crime disturb me more than anything else.

iraqi election and

What the Sunnis want is very clear: more power. But that power has to be envisioned and acquired thru the ballot box. The democratic process started because of two reasons: one reason is the resistance of Iraqis who are predominantly Sunni Arabs; and the second reason is the insistence of Ali Sistani who is the grand Hayat-Allah of Shiites who said that a directly elected body of government by Iraqi population has to take place instead of a puppet government assigned by the U.S. so, both the Shiites and Sunnis contributed for what is going on in Iraq. The armed resistance against the occupation and the election which made it possible; are a combination of one two punch that the Iraqi’s able to use as the fruit of their sacrifice note a given as invaders would like the world to believe.
Aside the resistance forces who are diverse in nature (mostly Jihadis and nationalists) there are other groups waiting the result of the December 15, 2005 election without resorting to resistance. The D…