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"ADDIS ABABA, Jan 28 (Reuters) - Ethiopia's government would be able to support the country's development even if donors cut assistance, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was quoted as saying on Saturday.

Meles was speaking 10 days after Britain said it would block 50 million pounds ($89 million) in budget support because of concerns about governance and human rights after a deadly crackdown on post-election demonstrations."

Ethiopian government is getting pushed around for taking actions against the demonstrators and detaining the party leaders by Britannia. Withholding money is the threat western nations always make in this kind of situations. I think Meles Zenawi did the right thing by pointing that his government is not going to black mailed by foreign handouts. Ethiopia is the poorest nation in the world, I am not sure 80 million dollars make a dent in the vast needs of the country so they can shove that money… leaders of countries should change policies if it is wrong but not for fear of Whiteman’s handout.


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