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Showing posts from January 16, 2006
Juan Cole now called it as is: “state terror.” the missiles landed in pakistan on innocent peoples home should have been condemened and there should have been investigation and outrage around the world, but not so. Cole said,
“There are lots of things wrong with firing a missile at a private home at the time of the Feast of Sacrifice and killing 12 women and children. It was wrong, and was a form of state terror. But in addition, it was guaranteed to reinvigorate the Pakistani fundamentalists, who otherwise have not delivered politically for their constituents.
Can't the US be more careful about this sort of thing? I mean, I'm all for getting Zawahiri, one of the most despicable mass serial killers in history. But we also have to win the war for hearts and minds, and this isn't the way to do that.”

But he is also confused when he called the demonistrators al-Qaeda supporters, he said,
“Although demonstrations were held in some other cities, they were very small, only a few h…