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Juan Cole now called it as is: “state terror.” the missiles landed in pakistan on innocent peoples home should have been condemened and there should have been investigation and outrage around the world, but not so. Cole said,
“There are lots of things wrong with firing a missile at a private home at the time of the Feast of Sacrifice and killing 12 women and children. It was wrong, and was a form of state terror. But in addition, it was guaranteed to reinvigorate the Pakistani fundamentalists, who otherwise have not delivered politically for their constituents.
Can't the US be more careful about this sort of thing? I mean, I'm all for getting Zawahiri, one of the most despicable mass serial killers in history. But we also have to win the war for hearts and minds, and this isn't the way to do that.”

But he is also confused when he called the demonistrators al-Qaeda supporters, he said,
“Although demonstrations were held in some other cities, they were very small, only a few hundred in each case, in the Punjab, according to Dawn. Most Punjabis in places like Lahore don't have the time of day for al-Qaeda or its supporters” but then, is he and I also al-Qaeda supporters for protesting the state terror which took dozens of lives less than a week in pakistan territory? I think Juan Cole needs his facts straight. Al-Qaeda and and US bombings against civilians is pure terror, one way or another they both justify the mass murder they are committing. Cole very well aware of the fact the US killed more people in cold blooded murder from the sea, air and ground and W. Bush braging about it all the time, that is what mass murderers do. Rapists are about power, so are mass murderers. W. Bush would not care about human life, that is how he acted in Iraq and will act in Pakistan and Iran and syria in the future. Juan Cole is right to call “Zawahiri, one of the most despicable mass serial killers in history.” Aiman, and Osama inspired and directed terror act took the life of maybe around six thousands including the pentagon and worldtread center attacks; the attack on Iraq alone waged by the number one terrorist in the world W. Bush took the life of more than a hundred thousand people which is fifteen times more than the formers did. Bush and Osama are supporters of one another, they use each others crime to justify each others crime. What Juan Cole should have said was call both Bush and his gangs as he called Aiman (Zawahiri) “Zawahiri, one of the most despicable mass serial killers in history”
as historian he should have known the simple fact that Martin Luther King was too called a terrorist supporter for confronting the American agrassion against Vietnam. Cole should have call all terrorists, terroists even if he catch the heat. That is what gutsy and true historians do!


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