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Showing posts from May 12, 2007

Every act has moral and immoral potential. The girl scout who helps an unsteady old man across the street could also have pushed him aside. The aftermath of each action engenders a new range of moral possibilities. Having pushed him aside, she might then regret her act and return to help him. Even when we’ve made bad choices, acted out of indifference or greed rather than compassion and generosity, another choice awaits us: how to compound or rectify the immoral act, stay the course or imagine how to salvage some measure of moral standing. Since even a racist like George Wallace can have a Road to Damascus experience, anything is possible.
He has: 160,000 US troops, 300,000 “Iraqi” troops and police trained by Americans, 100,000 mercenaries as well as billions of dollars spent protecting him, but “Iraqi President” still shitting in his pant while in Green Zone! Begging his masters not to leave Iraq until every resistance fighter killed!