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When is a Holocaust Not a Holocaust?      : Information Clearing House - ICH

When is a Holocaust Not a Holocaust?      : Information Clearing House - ICH: "Although the 'surge' has failed as policy, it appears to be succeeding as propaganda. It seems to be the only thing that supporters of the war have to point to, and so they point, and they point, and they point. Allow me to point out that while there has been a reduction in violence in Iraq -- now down to a level that virtually any other society in the world would find horrible and intolerable, including Iraqi society before the US invasion and occupation -- we must keep in mind that thanks to this lovely little war more than half the population of Iraq is either dead, crippled, traumatized, confined in overflowing American and Iraqi prisons, internally displaced, or in foreign exile.

VOA News - Activists to Again Defy Blockade to Bring Gaza Aid

VOA News - Activists to Again Defy Blockade to Bring Gaza Aid
An activist group says it will defy Israel's blockade of the Gaza strip for a second time to deliver aid to Palestinians.

U.S.-based "Free Gaza" organizer Greta Berlin said Tuesday a group of about 20 activists will sail Wednesday from Cyprus to Gaza.

Berlin says the group includes Nobel peace prize winner Mairead McGuire of Ireland and at least three doctors.

She says the group will deliver medicine to Palestinians.

"Free Gaza" first defied Israel's blockade of Gaza in August when a group of 44 activists sailed with aid supplies to the coastal territory.

The activists were the first foreigners to enter the territory by sea since Hamas seized power in June 2007 and Israel tightened its travel restrictions.

Israeli officials allowed the boats in August to reach Gaza and sail back to Cyprus in order to avoid public confrontation.

The Israeli government has not said if it will allow the group to reach Gaza …

BBC NEWS | UK | Afghan victory hopes played down

BBC NEWS | UK | Afghan victory hopes played downBrig Mark Carleton-Smith told the Sunday Times the aim of the mission was to ensure the Afghan army was able to manage the country on its own.

He said this could involve discussing security with the Taleban.

When international troops eventually leave Afghanistan, there may still be a "low but steady" level of rural insurgency, he conceded.

He said it was unrealistic to expect that multinational forces would be able to wipe out armed bands of insurgents in the country.

The BBC's Martin Patience in Kabul says Brig Carleton-Smith's comments echo a view commonly-held, if rarely aired, by British military and diplomatic officials in Afghanistan.

Many believe certain legitimate elements of the Taleban represent the positions of the Afghan people and so should be a part of the country's future, says our correspondent.