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fighting back with weapons you have not weapons you may wish to have!

Insurgents claim 'new methods' in Iraq
BY KIM GAMEL, Associated Press
Article Last Updated: 04/24/2007 09:13:15 PM PDT

BAGHDAD - Two dump trucks sped down the road, then took aim at an outpost defended by paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Under heavy gunfire, one of the heavy vehicles smashed into an outer ring of concrete barriers and exploded. The second rammed into the wrecked truck, dragging it and other rubble before it exploded 30 yards from the building housing the post's troops, collapsing two walls.

Nine American soldiers lay dead and 20 others were injured, U.S. officials said Tuesday as an al-Qaida-linked group claimed it used "new methods" in staging the attack in volatile Diyala province.

The assault underscored the ability of guerrillas of the Sunni Arab-dominated insurgency to wage war in Iraq four years after the U.S.-led invasion, and it came in a region that has seen violence escalate since U.S. and Iraqi troops launched the security crac…