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human behavior

My personal believe about human behavior is one of disgust. One part is lazy to do its homework, and the other uses those people to ride them as mules. As far back as a history of us humans attested to that fact regardless of technological achievements, scientific discoveries, or “participation of people in their government affairs.” It became clear to me and even clearer ever since Somalia’s civil war started which precipitated the overthrow of Siad Bare the last leader of unified Somalia. I have lived in Somalia almost two years to know the thinking of Somalian’s in terms of their strong tribal relationship with each other. Almost the whole war started on the bases of tribal disapproval of one clan over another clan and or one sub-clan against another sub-clan which dragged the whole country into abyss.
For those people who are not familiar with Somalia, I have some astonishing similarities but almost no differences what so ever in the fabric of Somalian’s (exceptions are Bantu and …