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Thanking of the rapists of Iraq in “memorial day”.

Thanks for invading a defenseless country of Iraq.
Thanks for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people!
Thanks for destroying Iraq.
Thanks for causing 2 million refugees and refusing to give them asylum in your country.
To all military forces, you are serving a terrorist regime established and ruled by a Whiteman which has a trail of blood from the day the first Whiteman arrived in peaceful America.
You don’t need to be honored for committing heinous crimes.
Mr. Cole, the soldier already told you "It's just a job, sir," a job that teaches you to invade, kill, maim, rape, torture and clogging up the benefiet line when return to the USA. NO MATTER HOW YOU DIGUISED TO BE LIBERAL AND ANTI AGRESSION, YOUR TRUE CLOUR SHOWS A DAY LIKE THIS. You might as well join the fascist camp Mr, Cole.