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Showing posts from November 17, 2006
Al Jazeera International started on November 15, 2006, I am not disappointed in my anticipation that they would put together the best team reporting on issues that concerns or should concern every citizen of the world. Today I subscribed to the online version of live TV; the subscription is only $5.95 a month which is a bargain for 24 hour news. I haven’t had a cable TV for years due to the fact that there is hardly any news that is unbiased, and second the subscription for a garbage of “variety” of programs is too expensive. I would like to extend my gratitude for Al Jazeera for bringing us news from around the world. Some times at work on break time I watch CNN, it is becoming and of course has became a war monger TV like its sister Fox news preaching hatred of Muslims and Islam covertly when it comes to reporting on Iraq, Iran or some other countries and peoples of Islamic faith. Recently one CNN “reporter was asking the first elected Muslim Congressman whether or not he is a terr…