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ei: Israeli assault injures 1.5 million Gazans

ei: Israeli assault injures 1.5 million Gazans: "This week the death toll in Gaza passed the 1,000 mark, after three weeks of Israeli air and ground attacks. But surprisingly, no one has reported an even more appalling statistic: that there are some 1.5 million injured Palestinians in Gaza. How is is possible that such an astounding figure could have passed the world's media by?

The reason apparently is that they have been relying on the highly unreliable statistics provided by official Palestinian sources. It appears that the Palestinian health ministry only records as wounded those Gazans who need to stay in hospital because of the severity of their injuries.

That means they only count the more than 4,500 Gazans who have suffered injuries such as severe burns from exploding Israeli phosphorus shells; shrapnel wounds from artillery rounds; broken or lost limbs from aerial bombardment; bullet wounds; physical trauma from falling building debris; and so on.

But in fact there is a… - Black Caucus Abandons King Legacy and Black Opinion, Votes For War on Gaza - Black Caucus Abandons King Legacy and Black Opinion, Votes For War on Gaza: "by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

It's hard to believe that a generation ago, the Congressional Black Caucus was known as 'the conscience of the congress, a political and moral high ground long deserted by the current CBC, which has utterly collapsed under Israel-lobby pressure for the second time in three years.

All but two Black lawmakers voted either 'Yes' or 'Present' on a Resolution that absolved Israel for its crimes against humanity in Gaza - placing all blame on Hamas. In 2006, only two Black Caucus members opposed a Resolution supporting Israel's savage destruction if Lebanon's infrastructure and the killing of 1,000 people. Hypocritically turning their backs both on Black public opinion and on the work of Dr. King, whose name they invoke at every public opportunity, the CBC has put itself 'out of the anti-war business,' and well ou…

Palestinians at hospital in Cairo support Hamas - The Boston Globe

Palestinians at hospital in Cairo support Hamas - The Boston Globe: "CAIRO - At Nasser hospital in the Egyptian capital, the sound of Palestinian Arabic spills out from rooms and floats through the corridors of the fourth floor. 'God is great, God is great,' Ahmed Hussein, 25, said to a weeping Egyptian woman, one of a stream of visitors coming to pay their respects to those injured by Israeli air strikes.
"May God make you be victorious," she said. "I cannot stand what is happening to your people."

Neither, apparently, can Hussein, a Palestinian policeman whose right arm was broken when Israeli missiles hit his police academy Dec. 27. Hussein voted for Hamas in the last election but had never joined their militia. That's about to change.

"I want to go back and fight with Hamas," he said."

(eca149): Rights group: 40 medics in burning Gaza hospital (Extra)

(eca149): Rights group: 40 medics in burning Gaza hospital (Extra)
Tel Aviv - Some 40 medical personnel were 'trapped' inside a hospital in the Gaza Strip, after it was apparently hit by shells and set ablaze on Thursday, an Israeli medical group said.

The staff were at the al-Quds hospital in the Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood of Gaza City, where one wing was still on fire. Fire trucks were at the scene trying to extinguish the flames.

The Israeli Physicians for Human Rights, which spoke with the head of the hospital, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that efforts were also being made to 'evacuate the sick and wounded.'

The hospital also housed the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

The Israeli military had no immediate comment.

Patients Scramble to Flee Gaza City Hospital Set Ablaze by Israeli Attack | News From

There was utter panic in one Gaza City neighborhood this evening after an Israeli tank shell hit the crowded al-Quds hospital, setting it ablaze. The area was shelled for most of the day, and desperate patients wounded in the war struggled to get out of their beds and flee the latest Israeli attack.The fire trapped roughly 40 medical personnel in the hospital, according to Israeli Physicians for Human Rights, and fire trucks at the scene struggled to contain the blaze. The fire in the medical area was reportedly brought under control, but the ability to put the fire out in the administration section was hampered by what officials at the scene described as a fire caused by a white phosphorus shell.French doctor Regis Garrigue spoke at the Red Crescent operated hospital. “The Israelis are bombing and attacking all around the hospital. We can’t get out. There’s fire, and we’re trapped inside. The water has been cut off.”There have been persistent reports since the invasion began of Israe…

BBC NEWS | Africa | Thousands cheer Ethiopia pull-out

BBC NEWS | Africa | Thousands cheer Ethiopia pull-out
Thousands of Somalis have gathered at the football stadium in Mogadishu to celebrate the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from the city.

The stadium was a former Ethiopian base and Islamist and clan elders called for Somalis to solve their own problems and not resort to more violence.

There has been no fighting in the city since the Ethiopians left this week.