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ZNet - No “War on Terror”

ZNet - No “War on Terror”: "One of the most telling signs of the political naiveté of liberals and the Left in the United States has been their steadfast faith in much of the worldview that blankets the imperial state they call home. Nowhere has this critical failure been more evident than in their acceptance of the premise that there really is something called a 'war on terror' or “terrorism”[1]—however poorly managed its critics make it out to be—and that righting the course of this war ought to be this country's (and the world’s) top foreign policy priority. In this perspective, Afghanistan and Pakistan rather than Iraq ought to have been the war on terror's proper foci; most accept that the U.S. attack on Afghanistan from October 2001 on was a legitimate and necessary stage in the war. The tragic error of the Bush Administration, in this view, was that it lost sight of this priority, and diverted U.S. military action to Iraq and other theaters, reducing th…

News 10 Now | 24 Hour Local News | Watertown/North Country | Anti-war group says war crimes are "encouraged"

News 10 Now | 24 Hour Local News | Watertown/North Country | Anti-war group says war crimes are "encouraged": "WATERTOWN, NY - 'I was messed up in the head. It was okay for me. I laughed afterwards. We all did. It's just the way things go.'

Iraq war veteran Jon Turner said it was almost expected of him to pull the trigger on people who didn't need to die. So he did.

'It was my decision,' Turner said. 'I made it. Now I have to live with the fact I see someone's eyes screaming at me after I shot them.'

But Turner says it wasn't his choice to be encouraged to do it from higher ranking officers. He and three other veterans speaking out Saturday at the Different Drummer Cafe in Watertown said committing war crimes is not only the way things go, but it's unofficial policy."

Ethiopian Review | Woyanne rejects 'virtual' border

Ethiopian Review | Woyanne rejects 'virtual' border: "Ethiopia Woyanne has dismissed a 'virtual' demarcation of its border with Eritrea, just a day after Asmara accepted the move by an independent boundary commission.

The two nations have been deadlocked in a dispute over their 1,000km border since a 2002 decision by the Hague-based commission gave the flashpoint town of Badme to Eritrea.

The commission, set up by a peace deal ending a 1998-2000 war, 'virtually' demarcated the border late last year based on the 2002 decision after the two sides failed to come to an agreement on their shared frontier."