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Boston Marathon

I was at work when I heard bombs exploded in Boston Marathon event. As a Marathon runner and human I felt who could've done such horrific act in the most peaceful event. But, bombs exploded people obliterated in many part of the world yesterday as well. Human being spends billions every year to kill each other for the purpose of dominating each other rather than making peace. For me the tragedy of Boston is all related to tragedy in Iraq or Syria or any war zone, it is the extension of hatred on all sides of the factions to use such bombing to kill more people, and clamp down on civil liberty. The country is already spending close to a billion dollar on fiscal year we are on and this would give more impetus to the supporters of "military industrial complex" to spend more. As I always said, war is terrorism, we are all waging terrorism against people. To fight terror with terror wouldn't help anyone except the news media the hate mongers and weapon manufacturers in sh…