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Free Press : 'Robber Baron Over the Last Century' -- Dow Jones Union Head on Likely New Boss Rupert Murdoch

Free Press : 'Robber Baron Over the Last Century' -- Dow Jones Union Head on Likely New Boss Rupert Murdoch: "Besides amassing a media empire, Murdoch has repeatedly been accused of using his media holdings to advance his political agenda. In 2003, all of Murdoch’s 175 newspapers supported the Iraq invasion. Just last month it was revealed that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair personally called Murdoch three times in the week leading up to the U.S. and British invasion of Iraq."

Santa Barbara News-Press

Santa Barbara News-Press: "BAGHDAD (AP) - Much of the Iraqi capital was without running water Thursday and had been for at least 24 hours, compounding the urban misery in a war zone and the blistering heat at the height of the Baghdad summer.
Residents and city officials said large sections in the west of the capital had been virtually dry for six days because the already strained electricity grid cannot provide sufficient power to run water purification and pumping stations."

spiked | Darfur: colonised by ‘peacekeepers’

spiked | Darfur: colonised by ‘peacekeepers’: "The UN’s latest peacekeeping plan for Darfur is designed to quell the strife that erupted in the province in 2003, when local rebels took up arms against the central government in Khartoum. The conflict is complex, with a variety of interlocking factions and ethnic groups whose political antagonisms and struggle with the central government gird longstanding rivalries over the region’s depleted resources (2). But it is not only regional politics and economics that represent a barrier to peace – the international community’s involvement in the conflict has served to prolong and escalate the bloodshed. "

Phyllis Bennis and the post-modern anti-war movement

Phyllis Bennis and the post-modern anti-war movement
We shall create a special office for this task. We may call it the Empire's anti-war movement's department for the right to exist of the indigenous peoples. If you have a better name, please, send your suggestions. We are tolerant and encourage politically correctness to make you feel at home.

But please remember. We have become a little fussy, you know. Try to look a little more like those resistance movements we so much admire in those romantic Hollywood movies. And since you are at it, shave and get a shower.

Let's go back to the peace movement's spokesperson.