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Zionism is bad for the U.S.

“And who is the terrorist in the Middle East? According to Palestinian government sources, Israel has managed to kill 286 Palestinians in 2005 (more than the number of executions in Saudi Arabia, but Israel--mind you--does not have "the death penalty"). Those Palestinians killed included 68 children. 4000 Palestinians were arrested. Twelve were killed by Israeli occupation armed settlers. There were 1700 injured in the same year. Israeli occupation forces also razed 2,115 dunums of land, and uprooted some 58,700 trees, destroyed 52 wells, and confiscated 29,713 dunums for the purpose of the racist separation barrier. Israel also destroyed 1,692 buildings: 298 houses were fully destroyed, and 1,329 were partially destroyed. The occupation also established 877 military checkpoints at the entrances of cities and major roads. Now this is Zionism. And we are counting the dead, one by one, and counting the lands and the olive trees, one by one by one.”

One thing is very clear to th…