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US war crimes: Urbicide in Al Qaim 2005

US war crimes: Urbicide in Al Qaim 2005

"Democracy" and "Freedom" in action. Have a look at the true face of US "benevolent hegemony"

At least 32 killed in attack on two families in Iraq

Two large families wiped-out today by the U.S. raid. These are two families of 32 who are cold bloodedly massacred by George’s troops. May God mercy upon the dead families and give them the highest of all rewards. They will join 650,000 others who are violently killed by George since the start of the war. My heart aches very much seeing babies and families crushed beneath the house they have lived just in one or two powerful bombs which America uses all the time. It really hearts to see these types of massacres going on in front of the world without anybody doing anything about it. I am tired and very sad.

Somalia's ragtag Islamists are here to stay

Rageh Omaar
New Statsman
December 2006
Disturbing news from Somalia and Ethiopia, embroiled in the latest African war
The next African war has already begun, though you may not have heard of it, as the television cameras have yet to arrive. By the time they do begin to take pictures of the hungry and displaced, it will be too late to avoid another man-made disaster in the most impoverished corner of the world.
The countries involved in this war are Somalia, where I come from, and Ethiopia, where many of my relatives now live. Last spring, after 14 years as the quintessential failed state, Somalia gave rise to a grass-roots Islamist movement that enjoys genuine support, much as the Taliban did when they came to power in Afghan istan during the mid-1990s. Suddenly, to the astonishment of people who had feared to cross from one side of Mogadishu to the other, a semblance of order returned to the capital.
This honeymoon between the people and a deeply conservative Islamist movement would h…