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Showing posts from December 12, 2006

It Could Happen Here

By Gregory Meyerson and Michael Joseph Roberto

"11/27/06 "Monthly Review" A deepening crisis pervades Pax Americana and with it a rising interest in fascism and the fear that it may be coming or is already here. While some observers are alarmed at the prospects of fascism, others dismiss the topic as conspiracy theory or just plain rubbish. In the most absurd recent use of the term, George W. Bush has declared America at war “with Islamic fascists seeking to destroy freedom loving societies.” It is hard here not to invoke Huey Long’s famous idea that fascism would come to America clothed as anti-fascism."

Flirting With Fascism on CNN Headline News

For those who believe there isn’t wide spread fascism and agitation of anti Muslim attack in America, you better wake up! CNN, just like FOX News, is ramping up attacks against Muslims under the disguise of freedom of speech. Believe me, freedom of speech is not freedom of propaganda to hate, isolate and throw people into confusion. What comes after that is already seen: torture, illegal imprisonment, invasion, abuse and loss of freedom. This type of propaganda will be instrumental for Muslim haters to justify any attack against them already underway since Osama’s group attack the new York buildings and the Pentagon which kills almost three thousands people. Compare that to Iraq? What about three thousand people a month? What about 650,000 people? How did that happen? Ask American networks: CNN, FOX, ABC NEWS… people are only following what they are told, they elect what they are told, believe what they are told! Muslims are enemies of America, killing them would be justified, invadin…