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Flirting With Fascism on CNN Headline News

For those who believe there isn’t wide spread fascism and agitation of anti Muslim attack in America, you better wake up! CNN, just like FOX News, is ramping up attacks against Muslims under the disguise of freedom of speech. Believe me, freedom of speech is not freedom of propaganda to hate, isolate and throw people into confusion. What comes after that is already seen: torture, illegal imprisonment, invasion, abuse and loss of freedom. This type of propaganda will be instrumental for Muslim haters to justify any attack against them already underway since Osama’s group attack the new York buildings and the Pentagon which kills almost three thousands people. Compare that to Iraq? What about three thousand people a month? What about 650,000 people? How did that happen? Ask American networks: CNN, FOX, ABC NEWS… people are only following what they are told, they elect what they are told, believe what they are told! Muslims are enemies of America, killing them would be justified, invading them is justified or any other thing anyone wanted to do is all pre approved.
I wasn’t shocked to learn about this guy on CNN … excerpts from under the headlines..Flirting With Fascism on CNN Headline News as follows:

"Since 9/11, Americans have gotten so fed up with the "yes, but" Muslims. The "yes, but" Muslims are the ones who show up on talkshows and in the media and say, "Yes, terrorism is bad, but"—and then they go through a list of reasons on why we should try and sympathize with people who fly planes into buildings.... If, God forbid, there's another attack, we won't have anymore patience for the "yes, buts." The Muslim community better find a spokesman who isn't a "yes, but" Muslim. They shouldn't even understand the word "but," because if they don't, when things heat up, the profiling will only get worse, and the razor wire will be coming.

Beck went on to say:

u want the profiling to stop? Then, here's an idea. Stop murdering innocent people. Stop excusing the people who do. You do that for a while, and I guarantee you won't have any more problems at the airports. Stop blowing stuff up and the world just might be your oyster. Otherwise, it's going to be like that movie, The Siege. You remember that movie? The Muslims will see the West through razor wire if things don't change.

He concluded:

Look, I'm not saying all Arabs and Muslims are anti-American. Far from it. We should get to know these people and embrace the good Muslims, and eliminate the bad ones. Here's what I don't know. I don't know if the Muslim community will ever step to the plate like the Japanese-American community did during World War II. You know, it was absolutely disgraceful how we rounded innocent people up then and, sadly, history has a way of repeating itself no matter how grotesque that history might be. The Muslim community can prevent this if they act now."


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