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Whiteman's democracy and palestinian's election

The most astonishing views that are coming from white man democracy are determining whether or not the democratic process achieved the expected result based on a preconceived notion. This notion is in display after Hamas won a victory over the other parties specially the well establish Fattah Movement.
White man (and their servants) in Europe and America refused once again to applaud this ground breaking and fair election that went without the complain of fraud despite the difficulty of movement of Palestinians going to vote which was imposed on them by the racists and Zionist Israelis. Now the choice is: either to encourage the Fattah gangs to annul the vote like Algerians did in the early 1990’s or respect the will of the people. The Zionists media in America without a shame declare the vote as terrorists voting for terrorists and not even one of the major TV stations appear to be fair in their coverage. The Palestinians are tired of the “peace process” talk but not action; they are …