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: "Voniati: On the other hand, Hamas has been accused of using human shields to hide and protect itself. Israel insists that the war was a matter of defense. Is Hamas a terrorist organization, as it is accused to be? Is Israel a terrorist state?

Chomsky: Well, Hamas is accused of using human shields, rightly or wrongly. But we know that Israel does it all the time. Is Israel a terrorist state? Well yes according to official definitions. I mean, one of the main things holding up cease fire right now is that Israel insists that it will not allow a cease fire until Hamas returns a captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit - he’s very famous in the West everybody knows he was captured. Well, one day before Gilad Shalit was captured, Israeli forces went into Gaza City and kidnapped two Palestinian civilians (the Muamar Brothers) and brought them across the border to Israel in violation of international law and hid them somewhere in the huge Israeli prisons. Nobody knows what happened to th…

    Cambodia's Missing Criminals          : Information Clearing House - ICH

Cambodia's Missing Criminals : Information Clearing House - ICH
February 21, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- At my hotel in Phnom Penh, the women and children sat on one side of the room, palais-style, the men on the other. It was a disco night and a lot of fun; then suddenly people walked to the windows and wept. The DJ had played a song by the much-loved Khmer singer, Sin Sisamouth, who had been forced to dig his own grave and to sing the Khmer Rouge anthem before he was beaten to death. I experienced many such reminders in the years following Pol Pot’s fall.

There was another kind of reminder. In the village of Neak Long, a Mekong River town, I walked with a distraught man through a necklace of bomb craters. His entire family of 13 had been blown to pieces by an American B-52. That had happened almost two years before Pol Pot came to power in 1975. It is estimated more than 600,000 Cambodians were slaughtered that way.

The problem with the United Nation…

Anti-US Iraqi cleric facing leadership challenge | Antiwar Newswire

Anti-US Iraqi cleric facing leadership challenge | Antiwar Newswire: "The firebrand anti-American cleric whose militia battled U.S. troops for years is facing a strong challenge for leadership of Iraq's poor, urban Shiites from a small, well-organized faction with loose links to Iran, senior figures within his movement say.

The split within Muqtada al-Sadr's organization has widened as Shiite groups weigh the outcome of last month's provincial elections and prepare for a national ballot this year that will determine the leadership in Baghdad.

The dissident faction is expected to mount a campaign to become a rival force appealing to al-Sadr's base among poor Shiites, senior officials close to the cleric said in interviews this week. This would offer greater openings for Tehran's influence in Iraq and give political cover to the so-called 'special groups' of Sadrists that have continued attacks on U.S.-led forces."

Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 30 at Pakistani Shi’ite Funeral | News From

Suicide Bombing Kills At Least 30 at Pakistani Shi’ite Funeral | News From
The already simmering tensions in Pakistan’s tribal areas took another hit today, when a suicide bomber attacked the funeral procession of an assassinated Shi’ite leader in Dera Ismail Khan, killing at least 30 and injuring an additional 65.The Pakistani army has been called in in the wake of the attack, a curfew imposed on the city and a “shoot on sight” order issued. Residents are urged to remain indoors and no timetable has yet been given for when the curfew will be lifted.Police say a motorcyclist dropped off the bomber, who ran into the crowd of people before detonating his explosives. It is the second time in three month that a prominent Shi’ite was assassinated in the city and his funeral bombed.