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US Army Lures Foreigners with Promise of Citizenship

US Army Lures Foreigners with Promise of Citizenship
More than 30,000 foreign troops are enlisted in the US Army, many of them serving in Iraq. Their reward for risking their lives for their adopted country is US citizenship.

When Anna Maria Clarke, 26, was a teenager living in the western German city of Mannheim, she already had a weakness for smart uniforms, particularly on American soldiers, and for war movies like "Full Metal Jacket." It was an attraction that Clarke, a German citizen, felt early on and still feels today.

Baghdad Burning

Baghdad Burning: "It is estimated that there are at least 1.5 million Iraqis in Syria today. I believe it. Walking down the streets of Damascus, you can hear the Iraqi accent everywhere. There are areas like Geramana and Qudsiya that are packed full of Iraqi refugees. Syrians are few and far between in these areas. Even the public schools in the areas are full of Iraqi children. A cousin of mine is now attending a school in Qudsiya and his class is composed of 26 Iraqi children, and 5 Syrian children. It’s beyond belief sometimes. Most of the families have nothing to live on beyond their savings which are quickly being depleted with rent and the costs of living. "

Muslims have no right to express their views.

Say What You Like, Just Don’t Say It Here - New York Times: "Two cases pending in federal court in Manhattan will soon test how far the government can go in keeping Americans safe from what a State Department manual calls the “irresponsible expressions of opinion by prominent aliens.” One case concerns a decision by the Bush administration to bar a Muslim scholar from visiting the United States. The other is a criminal prosecution of two Brooklyn businessmen for transmitting Hezbollah’s television station on their satellite service."

Blackwater begins pullout of Iraq

Cold-blooded murders

Abdul Nasser Al Kubaisi, a chieftain of one Fallujah tribe, told Gulf News: "It is likely that what happened in Fallujah three years ago will happen in Baghdad too after the cold-blooded murders committed against innocent Iraqis by members of these security firms. So, to avoid this happening, these companies should leave Iraq right away".

The American and British companies are facing resentment and indignation after the incident in Nisoor Square, where 17 Iraqis were killed, and the murder of two Iraqi women in the Al Masbah neighbourhood by personnel working for an Australian security firm.


TODAY'S ZAMAN"Diplomatic means should be used and dialogue should continue between Iraq and Turkey," Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters on Sunday. "Any solution that creates tension will only worsen the situation in northern Iraq, although we believe there is a need to confront the terrorist 'grouplets'."